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Im sad my dad has lung cancer?
he is getting surgery like in 4 days and i know he will pull thru but the doctors say theres a risk invovled

So did you have a question? Yes of course there are risks, as with any surgery, and yes chances are he will pull through. but lung cancer is very very serious, and odds are it will eventually take him.. has he quit smoking yet? I hope so and wish you the very best. Talk to a hospice nurse, they are angels and can offer so much hope to both patient and family... good luck to you both.

all surgery has a risk rick is almost 75, he had half a lung out at 74, hes fine now.

Hi, what is the type of tumor I don't know but if it's a large cell type, and if he had not metastasis, the operation may be curative, (radiotheraphy may be required after operation) , Think positive as you can and don't lost your hope, God bless you and your father

I totally know where you are coming from. I just found out that my dad has lung cancer (stage 3). He had surgery Monday and pulled through the surgery just fine. It took about an hour longer than they thought b/c they found a little more than they anticipated to. There are always risks when having any surgery.

After the surgery he had a couple set backs. Just be there when ever you can. I have been with my dad every night. As soon as I get off work, I drive an hour to the hospital and sit there with him and get home late. I don't even see my family here at home anymore. It will be a long and exhausting road for everyone involved. I hope you have someone there with you. You will need it. I have been going there myself and it is hard. Some days are better than others. This week has been the worst week of my life. I cry all the time.

And it is ok to talk about it, but in my case, my dad doesn't want to hear about it alot. It is scary for everyone and he doesn't want it to be all we talk about. He wants to hear about what is going on with everyone else.

Good luck to you and your family. Stay strong. Sam

turn your negative into a positive. educate people about it and what can cause or prevent it. maybe you can prevent people from the enduring this in the future.

Shannon V
on any kind of surgery there is always risks. i hope everything goes well for him.

sorry to hear your dad has lung cancer.there are risk with any surgery,i'm sure he will do fine.being ther for him will help more than anything.you & he are in my prayers.god bless

Life alone is a risk.

We just learned my Dad may live 3 minutes or 3 years. Everyday is a blessing and every time the phone rings, we wonder.

I don't know if you or your dad believe in God and in his Holy Word but would you mind if we including my church prayer for him??
In my church we believe in the power of prayer...

That's life. But you're still lucky you still have more time to share with him, but not me, I've lost my father 6 years ago and never have a chance to show him how much I care. Let's pray and hope for the best.
God bless.

Just pray and have faith. Your dad is probably very scared and needs your love and support.
My dad always told me to go to a private place and pray and open up my heart to God and ask him for what I needed and he would answer my prayers.
Maybe this would be a good idea for you right now. You can ask God for anything. You dont have to say a fancy prayer or do anything big about it, just your single voice is heard.
Prayers to you and your dad, Keep us posted.

Sorry to hear that your father has Lung cancer I believe that your father will be find. I keep your father in my prayer

There is always risks involved with surgery. I hope he will be alright. Being by his side will mean so much to him.

For any question or someone to talk to, call 1(800)4CANCER. This is the "voice" of the National Cancer Institute (aka - Cancer Information Services)


The doctors always have to say theres a risk involved, because there's a risk in everything. Did they catch the lung cancer early? If so it'll be much easier to treat, and they'll probably be able to get rid of it.

I know it's hard to go through something like this. My mom had breast cancer when I was in... third grade, I think, I can hardly remember. After surgeries and chemotherapy, it went away... only to come back in the lungs and bone my freshman year of high school. They gave her two years at most to live. The chemotherapy got rid of the cancer once again, until just last summer she started coughing again... The good news is, the chemotherapy is still working, and it's already been four years since they said she would only live two. Don't give up hope, no matter what the doctors say, because without hope you have nothing. I'll be praying for you!

I know its scary for you. I will keep you in my prayers best wishes for you all!!!

theres always a risk involved when sergery is involved always tell him how much you love him hold his hand and talk about good times and how much you appreciate him and love him when hes gone it will be verry sad and hard for you but we all have to experence death lung cancer is verry bad and painfull and verry hard to cure iam praying for you and your dad GOD bless you both and dont forget that GOD is good and didnt cause his cancer never blame GOD hes going to be with you both always

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