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susan h
If you were around people in a closed invironment smoking pot, would that show up on a drug test?

if you were breathing it in, most likely yes, but it depends how much ventilation you had between everyone

it shouldnt. as long as you did personally inhale, you should be fine but dont risk it


Not that you were in an enclosed environment but that you inhaled.

Possibly. Depends on how long you were there and the test they use.

sure if u inhale anoff of it

but if didn feell high its less likelly

u must live in a police state since u need drug tests

also u know there teas and products that detoxifie the body faster or hide the traces but u need to do ur reaserch and be prepared some work even in 24 hours

joanna the banana
oh my god, i've always wondered about this. i think it would definitely depend, but most likely i think yes. i mean, secondhand smoke applies to weed too. i wouldn't risk it either way. however, one of my friends actually went to the doctor high and took one of those urine tests and the doctors didn't find anything! it doesn't just show up, you have to be looking for traces of it in the pee. but if it's an actual drug test, i'd be careful if i were you.

Yes if you take the drug test just after you were around them but not after 48h have passed from that moment!

John M
Unless you were smoking also, then no.

just me
YESS!!!!! my cousin went to jail for it...one of his friends went in his bathroom and smoked pot... and he had to crap real bad.. and told him to get out and he was only in there for 2-3 min and It showed up the next day....

Thin Kaboudit

With every passing month, the sensitivity of the sort of equipment used to test for drugs/chemicals/contaminants gets ever more sensitive.

If you were in a closed environment with people "smoking pot", you may not have put a pipe or a joint in your mouth, but you were smoking it too!

ms osagesacramento
If it is a hair test YES....If it is urine test MAYBE......If it is a blood test MOST LIKELY........Don't hang out with goofballs like that dear. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!

Suzan. You can't soar with the "eagles," When you roost with
the "turkey's."
When in the drug house. Your breathing the same air, and
second hand smoke is just as bad. <|:-})-{*

i don't think so.

nicole s
yes cuz it called. second hand smoking it WILL come up on ur drug test

i do not now i hope not i would be in alot of trouble if they druged test me

i was around people who smoked weed all the time. now i never had a drug test but i would be really surprised if it would show up on a drug test if you never smoked weed. unless ur standing right next to them and ur trying to breathe in the smoke i really doubt it.

♥ just me..
I dont think so, i think you have to actually do it for it to be in your blood or w/e they test. In order for it to be in your body your would have had to done it. Why were with ppl smoking pot? But the smoke but have gotten in your lungs i dunno if that will come up in the test results...good luck!

yes, it is highly possible you can get "contact high"

jason v
NO. dont listen to these people. if youve been clean for two weeks u could smoke it yourself and still pass a drug test. but if ur scared just drink alot of water lol.

Well how bad were you breathing in there second hand smoke? It is possible to actually still get high off of second hand smoke from pot. It all depends on how much you breathed in, and if you didnt feel yourself getting high you will be fine! They also make stuff to help clean out your system for drug tests!

I'm really doubting you have anything to worry about. Unless your like haging out with SNoop Dogg and got a hella contact!!

Oh trust me on this one. HECK YA it shows up. It is called secondary inhalation of the smoke. You breathe it in and it shows up.

I think it would because how you could not be inhaling it if you are in a closed up environment. Same as if you live with a smoker you experience second hand smoke.

yes it would. Follicle test shows all

Mike S
It might not show up on a drug test, but if police are called and you are there even if you did not smoke you could do some jail time. Watch your associates!!!

Thomas F
It may...It takes at least 30 days for thc to clear out of system...but chances are it won't

General Disarray
Dang tootin' it does...I was fired because of that...and some Canadian dude lost his Olympic gold medal because of that.
Stay away from the herb.

Monsieur Rick
Most likely, it would.


Absolutely NOT. Trust me, I know. These people saying yes obviously have never been in this situation.

I live with a chronic smoker and we both take regular tests by a clinic once a week. The clinic tests for other drugs that might interact with the medication they are giving us. I don't smoke, he does. His always comes up positive for pot and mine never does. We're always in the same room, I'm always smelling it. (They know he smokes, we live in a medical marijuana state, it doesn't interact with the medicine they're giving us so they don't care.)

BELIEVE ME, this is the truth you're looking for.

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