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Fai Chai
If you hit your breast really hard does it causes breast cancer? And if you have breast cancer does it hurt?
Is it normal if your breast is different size?

No, it won't cause cancer.

Breast cancer usually does not hurt, until you're going through the steps to remove it.

Breasts are normally a different size.

If you are worried - get a mammogram!

y do u want to hit ur breast.... like any other part of ur body ur breast will also hurt if u hit it...

about cancer u should consult a doctor nad he/she will surly help u out with ur question...

Stephanie W
cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth.

Hitting of the Breast does not cause the cancer. It is the malignant growth of cells.

I had cancer and had pain, HOWEVER, be aware that my pain did not come from the cancer, it came from the damage the tumor caused to the surrounding tissues.

One thing that having cancer does present is the fatigue and other stroke-like symptoms once the cancer has affected the organ so much so that the POISON leaks into the bloodstream and makes you feel week and ill.

Jeh B
Symptoms of Breast Cancer:
1) breast pain (mastodynia) or a painful lump

2) lump under the arm or above the collarbone that does not go away may be present.

3) possible symptoms or medical signs include:
- nipple discharge
- bleeding from the nipple
- new nipple inversion
- changes in the skin overlying the breast, often resembling an orange peel

4) Changes in the appearance or shape of the breast

5) skin changes at the nipple

For Breast pain:
Mastalgia, mastodynia or mammalgia are names for a medical symptom that means - pain in the breast (from the Greek masto-, breast and algos, pain).

Mastalgia is usually a benign disorder in young women due to hormonal imbalance during their menstrual cycle. During a menstrual cycle the breasts swell and become lumpy and tender. During a period, the breasts reabsorb the extra fluid inside instead of discharging it, causing breast pain. A breast exam and a breast ultrasound should be performed to make sure nothing is hidden.

therefore, hitting your breast DO NOT cause breast cancer. It is the abnormal growth of cells, forming a tumor. Breast cancer does have physical pain, and it is abnormal in size, because of a lump (tumor).

i have asked a similar question about breast cancer too. and ive also taken the liberty to search about them myself and i thought i'd share this. =)

breast size doesnt matter. do not worry about it. if cancer is detected , better to accept doctors advices.hitting hard is not a cause for any cancer.

Cancer is the over-replication of a cell that will not stop reproducing. It is a natural cell that occurs in your body but gets "confused" and is unable to stop reproducing.

This creates a mass of cells that get called "cancer".

Hitting your breast will not necessarily cause cancer, but it will damage the tissue in your breast. It may cause lumps of deposits to collect, from the rupture of the tissue.

Typically there is no pain associated with the cancer unless the mass is around the nerves and puts pressure in that area. Since the cancer is not a foreign object, it normally doesnt get attacked by your body and you really dont feel it, (unless of course it becomes rather large and starts moving things out of position).

Yes, it is normal to have different size breasts...unless there is a drastic difference, and then its not necessarily a danger but more of an abnormality. Having a breast that is larger than the other is quite common, though.

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