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hi people i might be a nobody but what ever this info is important, check it out and pass it around if u truly care for ur lovedones since anyone can have cancer

Cure for Cancer


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he says theres something called 'splenda' that when ...

If I have smoked for 28 yrs, and Quit today,How likely is it I will Have Lung Cancer?
Started when I was 12 and I am 40 now.

Joel S
why do you type with some capitals like "Quit" and How" and "Have" "Lung" "Cancer"...?

lol damn u started when u were 12...THAS BALLA **** RIGHT THURR

If you are a chain smoker, then GOD must bless you.
If you smoke less than 5 times a day. May be you have chance.

Dont know somewhere I read. A single cigarette will reduce 7minutes from your life time. Take care


you have chances of get it.
Take alots of green tea and selenium and vitamin C 1gr.
It can help your body to desintoxicate.

WELDONE! The world needs more superheros like you as role models. You started whilst your lungs were still growing, so there could possibly be some perminant damage, but after 15 years i think it is, yawe risk should be the same as a person who has never smoked. I suggest seeing your GP about it, it will also keep you motivated to never start again.

Under Z Sea
You'd be surprised at how well lungs can bounce back even after decades of abuse! but you really should go see a specialist about it still. sometimes they can offer you help too

Nurse Lola
Good for you! Now go to the doctor and have them get a chest X-Ray to look for spots on your lungs....Good-Luck.

The chances are going to be less now than if you keep smoking longer.

some people are more prone to getting cancer and i smoked
for alot of years, have quit and my lungs are great, stopping today betters your odds. the question is are you going to start backup tommarrow....

The sooner you quit, the less of a chance. GOOD LUCK and seek help. Cigarettes are a M.F. to quit.

Dana Reeve got lung cancer and never smoked
life has its own challenges

Of course your exposure to cigarette smoke increases your odds at getting lung cancer... but it must be remembered that lung cancer has struck people who have never smoked at all. There are no easy answers.

But by quiting, you've done the single best thing a person can do to improve your overall health--and that reduces your chances of getting a great number of different ailments. It should also be noted that if everyone stopped smoking all at once, emphysema would virtually disappear. I lost both grandfathers to emphysema, and can tell you from watching them that this isn't the way you want to go.

You lived 38 years in the danger zone. Congratulations on your decision not to stay there. I wish you the best, and want to remind you that there are many support groups (just ask at the front desk of your local hospital) and many methods to support your efforts. Keep at it!

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