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 I am 38 years now and i didnt become pregnant so far, will there be chances to get breast cancer to me also?

 Who here believes that the health industry is witholding a cure for cancer?

 I have had Cancer & Kidney stones in the last 10 months.....please read.?
I need help. I am living in Ohio...cannot find a Doctor who really takes me seriously. Have had cancer & Kidney stones since I have been here 10 months ~ tok me 8 months to findd a primary care ...

 Is losing hair sign of cancer or u lose hair only when u undergo chemotherapy?
I have been losing a lot of hair, a lot means really a lot. it is not the normal number of common hair loss. I am afraid I have cancer or what......

 What are side effects of chemotherapy besides losing your hair?
Please serious, honest answers from actual chemotherapy / cancer survivors. This chemo is for breast cancer, stage 3....

 Is CANCER a man made disease?

 Does this look like melanoma?
Yes i know this isn't the place to ask such questions, i already have an appointment with a GP i'm just curious.

A few of these 'specs' have appeared suddenly and i ...

 Do you think it will come back?
I had brain cancer but recently had the tumor taken out at great emotional cost. I don't remember my best friend and I don't have my long hair anymore :'(

Anyway, how much ...

 Can yoga cure ovarian cancer? my mother needs post operation ovarian cancer treatment, pl let me know. thanx?
my mother is suffering with ovarian cancer, she got operated and got first chemotherapy, somebody told me that cancer can be cured by yoga, if there is any information about this please let me know....

 What can I do for my brother?
My brother (he's 13) was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) about a month ago and he's already started Chemo. His right knee is about three times the size of his other knee because ...

 A possible brain tumor??? I know I must see a doctor but untill then I just need oppinions?
On one side of my head there seems to be a bump that is long and slender but very noticible and it's bone I can tell. I haven't had any head injuries ever. But on the other side is the same ...

 How do you act around your friend if he mom just passed away due to cancer?

Additional Details
Spelling mistake sorry: *her ...

 Do you think they have a cure for cancer?
I heard a rumor that some companies have had a cure for cancer years ago.....Something like a pill that gets rid of it. No kemo or anything like that. But their not selling it cause they make so much ...

 What would you do if you were me?
So....There's a possibility that I have Leukemia, but I'm not sure yet. Only the doctor, myself, and my sister know. I'm making arrangements to get a Bone Marrow Biopsy, and should ...

 Why does the tobacco company put harmful and addicted drugs in cigarettes?

 Breast Cancer?
My girlfriend said she has breast cancer, I think she is joking but she say;s she isn't...

I need to know... can breast cancer kill? She is 19...

I don't know much ...

 Pancreatic cancer?
first i would like to say sorry for any nasty answers i may of given,i found out on friday that i have pancreatic cancer.i have not yet told any family or friends,any ideas on what to say to them.i ...

 Stage 3 liver cancer and medicare wont pay for the treatment shots! any1 know a way to help?
my father was just informed he has Stage 3 Liver Cancer, he is on SSI and Medicare. Come to find out Medicare will not pay for his Shots he needs to start his treament because they do not have a ...

 I am starting chemo on monday for breast cancer?
I've been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Both ductal and lobular. Had a port installed yesterday. Start Chemo on Monday. I am devastated. I would love to hear any encouraging words ...

 I need help my gran has cancer and I'm scared what can i do?
i have just turned 18 and about 8 years ago 1of my nans died of breast cancer and it broke my heart and i have never realy gotten over it. now about 1 year ago my other gran found out she had lung ...

I just found out that i have leukemia, what do i do? =[?
chronic myelogenous leukemia.

How should i spend the rest of my short life?

I think i just became emo. ><

I'm sorry for your situation. I'm not familiar with this type of Leukemia. Have you been diagnosed as terminal? And how short are we talking about?
If you are married or have kids you should" get you ducks in a row" by this I mean your finances, wills, written letters or memo for each. You should "live your life while your alive" by this I mean how you would anyways, enjoying all the beautiful things around you, music, foods, people, trees, butterflies, puppies, you get it. Don't spend your final days just dying.
Have you checked with HOSPICE, they are invaluable to patients and their families. Full of helpful information too.I f you are terminal, your Dr. can connect you to Hospice in your area. My friend has had Leukemia for at least a year now, and even though she has to take alot of expensive meds, she is living for today and raises her children and focuses on positive things.
God be with you!!

Sorry About that. Enjoy everysingle day as it was the the last.

Shane Kirk.
Yeh right, youre just another spolit suburb kid who can't stop moaning.

Do go to a oncologist who specializes in leukemia....My husband has a form of leukemia CLL, and I have gone to many support groups with him where there are people who have CML....DO NOT give up. New treatments are being discovered....At our group, many have tried the new treatments and they are living very full lives...Please contact the Leukemia and Lymphoma Center and find out where there are good support groups, and join one..I will be thinking of you and wishing you good luck.

green eyes
don't say "short life".
now you have a longer life to live.. You will have to fight this battle and win it...
God Bless you and i wish you so much luck..

you will beat it.

I'm very sorry to hear about this. THis is hard new for anyone at any age to deal with.

Live your life to the fullest. and remember doctors aren't always right.. have you gotten a second oppinion?
My cousin is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry ill, and doctors told him he had 6 months to live......that was 6 years ago. So try not to stress about it, i know, hard to do..but know there will be Lots of people praying for you, and this is no better time to step up and enjoy yourself b/c your life is precious..don't waste it on fearing the inevitable.

Good luck and god bless............

well depending on your prognosis i would see a good oncologist and fight!!!!! Don't give up, live life to the fullest, get your affairs in order and spend time with ur family. Do everything you want to do!!!

There is treatment for this type of common leukemia. You should find out as much information as possible about the disease and treatment options. Search out support groups of people who also have this disease, they can help you through this journey and point you in the right direction.

Detailed Guide: Leukemia - Chronic Myeloid (CML)
Treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by Phase

Medline Plus: Adult Chronic Leukemia

NCI: Leukemia

ACOR: Leukemia

ACOR: Mailing List CML Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Surrahh :D
i just got diagnosed with leukemia 3 weeks ago so i know how you feel. just think positive. they know a lot more about the disease now then they did like 10 years ago so there is a really good possibility that you will be okay. thats what the doctors keep telling me. you just have to tell yourself that they are telling you the truth and just try to be happy. the happier you are the better you feel and i know its tough. some days you have more energy than you do other days but just think positively and you will be okay.
im praying like everyday that i will be okay, and i'll pray for you too. its really hard, and for a while i was in denial and i started losing a lot of my hair a couple days ago. i just finished my first round of chemo so thats a good thing :D

just tell yourself everything will be okay. :D

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