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 Serious question: I am a baby boomer living with my 79 yo mom?
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 How can i get my mother to stop smoking?
I've been bugging my mom over and over again to stop. And ever time, she says, "I'm trying,". I've emailed her information but, she won't listen.
Additional D...

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 Why has it taken so long to find a cure for cancer?
Since the 1950s, we have spent billions looking for a cure. Do most of you believe we will not ever find a cure?...

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Would a CT scan pick up on the start of a brain tumour for example if it was on its way from one part of the body to the other if the CT scan is clear how likely is it that something is wrong?...

 Do you agree with Chemotherapy for this?
My Grandmother is 83 years old. She was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, and the Primary is Lung Cancer. Small Cell. Never smoked a day in her life.We all know this is going to be terminal. The problem ...

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 I'm too young for colorectal cancer, right?
I am a 28 year old female who for the last nine or so months have had increasingly thin stools and constipation. Today marks day four that i have not gone. When i dont have a thin ribbon like stool, ...

 My friend has lung cancer. She is in her late '70's.?
She also has had diabetes, type 1 ,for over 60 years.
She takes very little insulin as she is very sensitive.She is very thin and cannot eat much.
Her doctor has told her that chemo is her ...

 Could this be serious?
Lately my vision hasnt been the best. Ican still see but Its harder to focus to on things like when your tired and watching tv at night. Could this be serious like cancer in the eyes or brain. im ...

 Breast Cancer so young?
Hi Guys.
I have read many many people asking and offering advise on all forms of cancer, so im hoping somebody may be able to put my mind at ease.
My beautiful soon to be 19 year old niece ...

 Did u answer my question about my grampa?
A few days ago i posted a question about my grampa having cancer that had spread to his brain. Several of you posted answers back on how long he would possibly live. I just wanted to let u all know ...

 After Chemotherapy, my mouth is dry & everthing taste funny, mouthwash, not helping, any tips?

Additional Details
Thank you....

 What is the first sign of throat cancer ?

 Im scared .......?
i hv 2 gt my blood tested n im scard coz dey vaccinate so wat shud i do not 2 feel scard..??...

 What is a bone-marrow biopsy for?
Why would someone require a bone-marrow biopsy? What is it looking to detect? What are the related diseases, best/worst case scenarios??...

 What will destroy your body fastest marijane or ciggarettes???

 I'm Donating Bone Marrow?
My Brother is dying of cancer I've been matched 100% to donate bone marrow anyone out there done this can put my mind at ease as I'm a bit scared of the proccess.
Additional Details

I have cancer and can't get any financial help!?
I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year and am still undergoing treatment.
I have three young children and my partner works full time. I can't get a job, I'm not entitled to incapacity benefit (not enough NI contributions). we struggle to manage and would be working if i could.
Anywhere else i can turn?

Sadly I think not...my Aunt was very ill with Cancer last year and as a single parent there was hardly any help available to her...she had to manage alone and is now in debt...speak to your citizens advice though incase families get some help in your area..

when you find out please let me know. i recently came off of cobra insurance because i was only allowed to carry my insurance 18 mts., since my husband and i both have medical problems. we had to try to pay bills and pay the high price of cobra insurance. now that it is gone i have had my Dr visits cut back, blood work and ct scans that i normally get every 2 months. neither my husband or i qualify for medicare or medicaid. i will in 12 more months. that is if we don't make too much money through disability and my husbands social security. they don't take into consideration that we have meds to pay for and Dr. visits to pay for and the responsibility of bill that were acquired before i came down with cancer. what is a person suppose to do. i guess they just don't care. sorry, i hope your situation gets better. sounds as if you are alot younger than i. i just turned 49 and my husband is 62. in the US you have to almost be living in a card board box to get help. then again maybe that's what they want.

I do feel sorry for you.....especially when you hear of others receiving benefits fraudulently...check out this link...and best of luck


A pale imitation of The Dame
Why are you not entitled to Incapacity benefit? There must be some other help available, Good luck anyway..

MacMillan cancer relief would be my first thought. The link below is for their financial help.

Little Big Boy
this country pisses me off, we give all the money away to imigrants and scrotes that can't be bothered to work, and good people like yourselfs with an illness like yours don't get a bloody penny.
Good luck and hope your treatment goes well.

proud walker
MacMillan cancer support nurses as already said are bang up to date on all aspects of cancer support http://www.macmillan.org.uk/ I would have thought you'd be entitled to Disability Living Allowance.

Good Luck - Hope you're well on the way to recovery

Macmillan or marie curie. This is not on you, are really genuinely ill and can't claim. Go to your nearest CAB. Wish you well and my thoughts are with you and yours. x

Do you have a McMillain nurse? They are very very up to date with what financial help and support you can get.

mrs r
i am so sorry, the others are right, macmillan give you all financial advice and will tell you what you are entitled too.

you should get something, it is always the ones who work and get sod all, its maddening.
i wish you all the very best with your treatment, and keep fighting. it xxxx

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