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I have a tumor in my calf that might be cancer, it's inside my muscle. What method of biopsy will doctors use?

Stop worrying and predict in your mind that everything will be fine. Believe that, and trust in them. Our thoughts shape reality.

Ask the doctor.

Go to any surgeon. They will take a small piece and send for lab testing. Course of treatment can be decided after wards.

Ken O
Most of the above are wrong. If you have a tumor "in" your calf it may be a sarcoma...which is a tumor of the muscle. If it's a skin spot, disregard the following:

First, if you have an enlarged calf that seems to have a tumor inside you should be seen by a surgical oncologist or orthopedic oncologist which specializes in sarcomas. The "biopsy" method is very important as this type of cancer can spread along the incisions or along the needle track. If there is any suspicion of a sarcoma then you need an incisional biopsy that is transverse to the mass itself. Improper biopsies in sarcoma can really create a difficult situation that will be difficult to correct.

If you bring these issues up to the surgeon and they seem putoff or "uh, huh?" then you may be better off putting off the biopsy and getting yourself to a major medical center for evaluation and treatment.

Probably they'll use this one, they'll insert a needle shape instrument to get to the tumor. This instrument will cut a very small piece of the tumor and remove this piece out of you. Then they'll send this sample to the lab.
It shouldn't hurt, but they'll probably use local anaesthesy.
Don't worry, it's a very simple procedure.
Also stop thinking it will be cancer, actually a small amount of tumors turn to be malignant cancer.
Good luck.
Regards, Lifeguard.

local anesthesia, which means numbing that area only, sticking some type of knife in and pulling part of it out to put under a microscope to c what it is

needle most likely but it wont hurt


They will insert a needle into the "tumor" and withdraw cells/fluid then do a biopsy. Chance are this is actually a harmless cyst...but it's best to have it checked out. The biopsy will be done at the doctors office...you family doctor will most likely send you to a general surgeon for the test. Insist on a biopsy tho...some doctors will tell you it's nothing to worry about, then they're wrong. Insist on the test and get the results...this will give you peace of mind

I don't know. That particular episode of House hasn't come up yet. The good news is that the tumor is not in a vital organ. Whatever method of biopsy, I assume the tumor will be removed. Ask the doctor if the biopsy is going to hurt.

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