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cheryl t
I get raw under my breast. What causes that.?

Vinny H

What everybody else said. If you are a 'hang-downer' it can be difficult to keep moisture out of the area and it is very easy to get a fungal infection (candida). Antifungal creams and powders can help-powders also help keep it dry. Try some of the powders that are out there for athlete's foot. It is the same fungus.

Too tight of a bra.

Measure yourself so you get the right size bras. Might want to stay away from bras with underwires for a while until the rawness heals.

Sweat and your bra can do both. Make sure you try to wear cotton bra's as much as possible to pull moisture away from you and try baby powder to keep you dry and reduce chaffing. I use cornstarch though because it doesn't have fragrances. If it gets really raw and breaks out put ointment on it till it clears up.

Too tight a bra, a wrong fitting bra or your breasts are full and bacteria will grow there. Keep the area well cleansed, sometimes a bandaid will heal the area faster.. a bit of triple antibiotic if its close to bleeding you don't' want an infection.

After reading the other answers I say no to baby powder with talc that just irritated it worse for me.. try the corn starch type.

you need to let those babies air out, and put some baby powder

Usually sweat or an irritating bra. I usually put a cornstarch based powder under my breast to keep it from being raw. Keeping that area dry is important.

Could be from an underwire bra or a bra that is to tight. Maybe you should try getting fitted for a bra to make sure you're wearing the right size. You could also try putting some baby powder under your breast to prevent chafing.

tight bras digging in. Go up another inch or 2 in band size


Sweat, wrong size bra and scratching

John M

Terrance J
chafing and sweat. try putting baby powder under them.

Could it be your bra? Does the skin touch under your breast? It is probably just irritation or chafing. Put some baby powder under them after the shower. Make sure you dry underneath very well.
This can be very uncomfortable.

Mildred S
have it examined in doubt.

i would think that the brassiere does not fit well / cuts into skin ?

also extra attention to hygeine . clean and DRY the area thoroughly. cotton brassiere might be better to synthetic materials. maybe sports type one till the area gets better ?

You are wearing the wrong bra, or no bra... your skin is rubbing causing friction.. also make sure there is no moisture under your breast being trapped it can cause a yeast like infection.. get fitted so your supported

Try a medicated powder. Or even just powder to help control moisture under your breast. This will help reduce the redness/rawness. This usually comes from a person sweating, and that area not getting any air to dry out. It especially happens to women who are more blessed in that area than others.

It is rubbing. Can you put something there to stop the rubbing? Would talcum powder help?

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