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mason m
How long does it take to get mouth cancer?
I just started dipping tobacco and I have seen conflicting studies saying it gives you mouth cancer and others saying it does not, if it does, how long (in years) would it take for me to get mouth cancer if I only dip 4 or 5 times a week?

charlie's angel
there is no specific timeline for if you can get mouth cancer from chewing tobacco...its kind of along the same lines as cigarettes. there are studies and people say you can get cancer, and there are a lot of deaths linked to cancer in tobacco users, but there is no solid proof or evidence. take care of yourself and talk to your dr. if you are worried. just my opinion. hope this helps.

My friend got Cancer in the mouth just from smoking cigarettes. If you "dip" you are just asking for trouble. Looking at those oldie pictures, you can see they have very few teeth and don't live long. My guess is that it would take a few eyars, but why risk your health? Do you have a suicide wish? I think most people who smoke or use drugs actually do in the psyche somewhere.

Len Anders
Tobacco is one of the leading causes of mouth cancer. How long it can take to fully develop is dependent upon the individual situation. For some it could be a matter of months whereas for others it may be a long process.

my husband has mouth cancer now why take a chance with your life?

Garland Girl
it depends on how often and how much u dip

Lucifer Sam

Matt D
Why take the chance? Find something else; chew gum or whatever. I have had the personal experience of losing someone close to me from oral cancer. The pain and agony from operations, radiation and chemotherapy are indescribable. DON'T GIVE YOUR LIFE TO TOBACCO!

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