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 Can breast cancer happen to a 16yr old?

 How many minutes does one ciggerete take from your life?
and what is the approximate life span a person will live if they smoke a pack every 3 days?...

 What are the symtoms of breast cancer?
I would really like to know, just to be on the safe side....

 Cancer Question?
A few months ago my nan was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She recieved an operation in which we were told the cancer was removed. About 5 weeks or so later she started getting pains and when she was ...

 Have you have lost someone you love'd?
I am 24yrs old and my Father died on Feb 2 of this year. How do you deal with the pain of losing one of the most important people in your life?...

 I have external sweling on my throat & no pains inside the throat. Does it indicate symptoms of throat cancer?
Please dont answer - See your doctor....

 Why do cancer patients under treatment has falling hairs?

 Is there hope?
My friend is stage 4 breast cancer. It has spread into other areas of the body. No vital organs. She gets a daily injection and gets chemo twice a month. Is there any hope for her? She has an ...

 Help me!!!!?
My daughter threw up blood and now the doctor's say that she has intenstine cancer!!!!!!! I know, I know!!!! I've never heard of it before, either!!!! But I guess it must exsiste!!! Anyway,...

 Do i have cancer or something? Swollen Neck Lymph Nodes?
In next! theyve been like this for a while
last doctor said it was normal. iw anted to smack ...

 Who survived breast cancer?
like some one you know has had breast cancer and survived....

 Do all chemotherapy patients lose their hair?

 Is there a connection between smoking and lung cancer?

 Any cancer survival stories?????
I want to here the thrilling stories!!
Additional Details
i cannot decide!!
this is worth losing a few points to see how God's miracles have happened.
I've had two ...

 Grandad has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer?
He has just found out that he has had the cancer for a year he is going to get treatment but we don't really know what his chances are has anyone out there got any information for me please?

 How painful does it get at the end?
I know that I asked a few questions related to my cousin in the last few months. But I cannot stop thinking about it, and I am not able to get these answers from her doctor. So here it goes.


 Do I have cancer?
Today my nipples were hurting me badly. I sweat alot at my job and I also go to the gym. I'm semi active meaning im no athlete but active never the less. I'm a guy by the way and this has ...

 If a person that has lung cancer in 3 parts of the lungs and it has spread to the bones does this mean they do
the person is having trouble walking and is in sever ...

 Infection control or Surgery first?
To make a long story short ,An attempt to save my lower leg has failed , and is scheduled to be removed this Wednesday A.M. I have developed a really bad infection and I can't reach my surgeon, W...

 Cancer queston here. I have cancer of the uterus. I am not getting treatment for this yet as the doctors very?
soon will determine how far it has spread. Is it normal to get really fatuged one day and feel ok the next, like up and down? Yesterday I could not walk far, but today I walked further with my D...

How long does a person live, after being diagnosed with stomach cancer?

what thier is such thing as stomach cancer. what is that.

A person can live a long and cancer free life if they take
glyconutrients to keep the immune system working properly.

each case is different, depends on lots of things like severity, overall health, how long its actually been active, etc...Also ive noticed that attitude dramatically affects general well-being for most ailments.

Ask the Dr. (or take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning)

Willy S
Depends on where and how advanced the cancer is and how they respond to treatment! People are different so nobody can tell ya!


I think it depends on the type of stomach cancer and how early it is caught. You can find more info at the source listed below.

a person with any Cancer inclueding stomach cancer, if the treatment is good, then you will be good

tracy b
If treated as long as anyone else. Most have their stomach's removed, then treatment. Learning how to eat again Much as people who have gastric bypass.

Nurse Annie
If you have advanced stomach cancer, your chance for recovery is poor. Whether the cancer has spread into your abdominal cavity is the crucial factor in predicting your outcome. The average survival time is usually less than 1 year, regardless of where the primary tumor was located. None of the available treatments seem to improve the survival time. Few people with these problems live 5 years. If your cancer is found at an early stage of development, your chance of long-term survival approaches 70%.

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