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How long after chemotherapy does hair loss occur?
My mom has ovarian cancer and got her first dose of chemo last Friday and we're wondering how long it will be before her hair starts falling out.

some people do not even lose their hair................just forget about it...............not important...................hair extensions are available at all beauty supply stores..............please buy her a pack of long clip ins..............they will fill in any spots in her hair .....no problem!......... which may be lost to chemotherapy.....hopefully not!!!!

Hair usually begins falling out 10 to 14 days after you start treatment. It could fall out very quickly in clumps or gradually. You'll likely notice accumulations of loose hair on your pillow, in your hairbrush or in your shower drain.

Your hair loss will continue throughout your treatment and up to a month afterward. Whether your hair thins or you become completely bald will depend on your treatment. You generally need to lose about 50 percent of your hair before it's noticeable to other people.

It takes about four to six weeks for your hair to recover from chemotherapy. In general, you can expect about a quarter inch of growth each month.

When your hair starts to grow back, it will probably be slightly different from the hair you lost. But the difference is usually temporary. Your new hair might have a different texture or color. It might be curlier than it was before, or it could be gray until the cells that control the pigment in your hair begin functioning again.
you can check out this site for more information about this

bam bam is playful!
im not sure exactly

but i wish your mom and the rest of the family luck!!


aseem k
Hair fall usually begins in the second week of the first chemotherapy cycle. But, maximum effect comes mainly after the 2nd cycle of chemotherapy
Usually a little more than 30% of persons undergoing chemotherapy have hair loss. This depends mainly on type of chemotherapy you are having.
Its advisable that if this is worrisome discuss it with your mother and decide, if she would like to get her head shaved and/or would like to go for a wig, and of what kind.
when there is hair fall try to get some kind of scalp protection like hat as scalp would be senstive to touch even.

Hair loss is dependent on several different factors . . hair grows in cycles and varies by person . . so if your mother has a chemotherapy treatments during the end of the hair cycle (where the hair is dormant and not growing in the cycle) than she will not lose her hair. However, if the chemo is given during the days when her hair is in a growth cycle . . than the chemo cannot tell the difference between a cancer cell that is growing and a hair cell that is growing . . so the chemo will affect both types. Your mother can lose her hair if the type of chemo she takes causes hair loss . . not all drugs do. The hair loss can occur during the first chemo treatment or the next chemo treatment. It took my son about two or three months to lose all his hair when he had high dose chemotherapy for nine months. Each persons hair loss cycle will vary . . . depending on the growth cycle of the hair, the type of hair (thin, thick, wiry), and depending also on the type of chemo given.

jackie j
not everyone loses their hair, i never lost mine, i finished treatment in dec. but it has developed a bit of a curl, it all depends on the type of chemo that is given. best of luck to your mom

My mom had cervical cancer. She had three rounds of chemo and started experiencing hair loss a few days after the first round. She didn't lose all of her hair though, but it was real patchy. It will grow back.

Mine started to go only a few days after my first chemo, after around my 3rd round I lost all body hair as well as eyelashes and brows. Maybe your mom will only have thinning hair.. that happens at times as well.

Good luck to your mom with her treatments!!

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