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what are doctors that help people with cancer and know everything about cancer and helo with kemotherapy called??...

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How fast does cancer take to get to stage 3 or 4?
How many months or years does it take for Breast cancer? What's the average?

It depends on how aggresive the cancer is, no two cases are the same. Breast cancer usually doesn't have a good prognoses.


no fixed time.... some time u detect it at early stage, operate and u r ok for months and years, some time it too late , some time after one side operation within weeks 2nd side is also detected and so on...

I don't think that there is a recorded average. It all depends on how aggresive the cell of the cancer are. Even though some cancers are localized....all of the "strengths" can cary.
Good Question though.

It depends on how fast the cancer is spreading and what it has spread to.Your doctor can tell you more than I can. Is the person being treated? Good Luck

Tania S
Depends on the type of cancer, the person, every factor you can think of and even begin to think of.

Sorry that question really isn't answerable.

Sorry I can help much. Registered Nurse.

my sister went from stage 2 to 3 an 4 in less than 6 months ,it depends on what kind an if you catch it soon enough my sister started in the bones ,then it went to her kidneys an then her lungs.haveing the right dr helps alot in her case he was not the right dr. .we could not find him on the dr regersty..on the internet anywere

there is no timeline... but it depends on the person.... the more 'unhealthy' the person with the cancer is, the more likely it will progress quickly. also, if the cancer is treated with chemo, and it comes back, it generally gets worse quicker, due to a weak immune system.

to halt cancer in it's steps, the best thing anyone can do is stop eating sugar, and minimise fruit intake as sugar FEEDS cancer! (the best fruits are berries and pinapples due to antioxidant and associated enzyme properties of couse others can be eaten... just minimally).

Literally cut out meat, eggs and dairy? why? because enzymes that open the protein coats of the cancer cells also digest diary, meat and eggs... if you don't eat them in your diet, they can instead focus on fighting the CANCER! which makes other therapies more successful.

and eating the seeds of your apples, apricots and peaches, will KILL the cancer. If you don't believe me... check out the studies on animals that eat the seeds (kernels) of fruit... which saves them from cancer... also check out the study done on sheep in New Zealand...

OHH! and i forgot to mention, people with cancer, have FUNGAL problems... taking anifungal herbs will aid in building the immune system.
all the best!

I think that's a hard thing for anyone to say with cancer. Many factors contribute to how fast the cancer will spread (for an overview of how cancer spreads, view: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metastasis ).

For example, they recently discovered that ovarian cancer grows wildly out of control when a woman is under stress compared to a woman who is not under stress (that cancer thrives with the hormones and blood vessel formation in the tumors).

And that is basically the long and short answer, it is many factors. Also diet can contribute...for example asprin is shown to reduce ovarian cancer (yes I know you are referring to breast cancer, this is just where most of my research has been so far) and ginger has been shown to attack and kill it's cells in lab settings.

The Maitake mushroom extract, specifically the 'D-Fraction' extract (see www.maitake.com) has been shown to boost the immune system and also have anti-tumor effects in lab settings (animals) especially breast cancer. The Maitake D-Fraction is now under a few FDA approved phase 2 clinical trials to substantiate this. It goes to show than even diet and certain foods can help reduce metastisis...that is when the stages go up from 3 to 4 (etc). 3 is when the cancer spreads to local organs (or impacts them) and 4 is when it goes to distant organs (3 and 4 are always bad, but 4 is worse because it is impacting organs not close to the original cancer).

In addition, even though it is 'breast cancer', when it impacts other organs no matter where it is (for example the brain, etc.) it is still referred to breast cancer because that is the original cancer type.

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