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 A question about cancer?
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 My friend has a lump on his thigh ):?
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How does radiation affects our body?
what are the most likely parts of our body that would be affected?

Tina and Alberto
radiation destroys cells.. both good cells and bad cells, but radiation itself has been known to cause things like cancer, death, etc..

If you think about it, Chernobyl was caused by a radiation leak, most of the people who died from the accident ended up getting cancer, if not dying on the spot..

things like Chemo and radiation take the body to the brink of death. With all the other modalities around these days I'm amazed they use these two as much as they do. Modern medicine as we know it is positioned in crisis care. the only reasons things like this work is that is bombards and overwhelms the body with massive quantities of a compound driving the cells out of their natural quantic state into a thermodynamic state... umm thats heat.. fried? yes. The modality I work with can detect cancers as small as few cells. Mainstream medical practices require that the diag be 99.9%. because of that the cancer has to be about the size of a small marble or around 10 million cells... Radiation is not a good thing, and there are few real reasons to use it when there are other ways to combat this that are more efficient.We must look at this differently, because everything we now know about the brain and the body is archaic and we are a chaotic quantic system. We must go back and restudy everything with a different set of laws.. We need to look at the quantic levels first.

Pro. Noel Campbell
"Radiation therapy is given to about 60% of all cancer patients, but it can inflict significant damage on healthy normal tissues. Radiotherapy can also cause secondary cancers after the primary cancer has been treated, which typically occur several years later. Other secondary diseases such as pneumonitis and radiation fibrosis may also occur. Radiation therapy is associated with both acute and delayed disturbances in nutritional status.

Radiation therapy relies on the free radical disruption of cellular DNA. The rationale behind damaging cancer cell DNA is that it may preclude successful division into more cancer cells or trigger cancer cell apoptosis (also known as programmed cell death). Radiation therapy can be delivered from both external or internal sources, may be high or low dose, and is often delivered with computer-assisted accuracy to the site of the tumor. Brachytherapy (or interstitial radiation therapy) places the source of radiation directly into the tumor as temporarily implanted ribbons and seeds or as permanently implanted seeds.

Newer radiotherapy technologies, such as stereotactic radiosurgery, which uses tightly focused x-rays or gamma rays to target tumors without widespread irradiation of surrounding tissues, may improve radiotherapy results. However, these approaches are limited to certain types of cancers. "

Please visit "www.smile.org.au" yourself, there are some more information about cancers and therapies. You can find the details of radiation on the website.

Kelley E
Radiation has a negative effect on the fatty acids in the body, so negative that it can cause a miserable death.

Radiation rotates one of the hydrogen atoms on the body's fatty acids 90 degrees. That seems innocuous, doesn't it? But it's not at all innocuous...it can be deadly.

The rotation causes a trienically conjugated fatty acid...or to put it more simply, thee hydrogens lined up in a row. That is a bad thing, because the rotation is in the middle of the three hydrogens all in a row.

Normally, the middle spot is open to let oxygen molecules dock and be transported into the cell. The two outside hydrogen atoms are like the outside tynes of a fork with the oxygen molecule locked in between.

But now in the middle space there is a third hydrogen rotated into the space where the oxygen would usually dock...so the oxygen can't dock, and it can't get transferred into the cell.

Rancidity can result. Once the rancidity starts, it's just like rancid meat...it tends not to get better. Once the rancidity gets bad enough, death ensues.

A similar problem has arisen in food irradiation. For years, there has been an attempt to irradiate meat, but they keep running into the problem of rancidity. It will never be solved because of the way radiation rotates the hydrogen atom 90 degrees. It just can't be fixed.

In living animals and humans, the severity of the problem can be evaluated by measuring the oxalic index. Unfortunately, your doctor doesn't know how to calculate the oxalic index. When the oxalic index reaches 17, death occurs.

This is one of the reasons that radiation will never improve its success ratio.

A second negative bonus of radiation is that radiation induces a catabolic imbalance of the metabolism. That imbalance produces an environment that allows cancer to flourish. When catabolism is overactive, the body basically falls apart, with weight loss and lots of fluid retention.

Good luck and be well.


If you looked this up you'd find there are 3 stages of radiation poisoning. Radiation for say breast cancer is very centralized therefore doesn't affect the body. They don't recommend X-rays everyday, but if you were to come in direct contact of radiation particles you would become very sick and die. Duh, nuclear weapons.

Radiation works as a cure by killing rapidly dividing cells. This is why hair loss is often experienced and aberrations in nail growth can be traced to treatment dates.

Radiation works as a killer by interfering with the immune system and not allowing the body to manufacture infection fighters, blood clotters and red blood cells which transport oxygen.

Radiation has proven to be a blessing and curse to mankind.

Any treatment for a cancer has potential risks. Radiation treatments today are so much better than they were years ago. Today they provide better blocking of surrounding areas and they are able to actually focus the radiation beam(s) to a spicific spot.

In laymans terms radiation treatment is very similar to a microwave oven. The energy and output are almost the same.
My wife had breast cancer 25 years ago. She had both Chemo and Radiation. 25 years ago the radiation was still in a developing treatment. I remember her skin being red like a sunburn after treatment. She survived the cancer and treatment, but 21 years after treatment she began having heart related problems. She did not have heart desease but she did have damage to several areas of the heart. Her pericardium (sac around the heart) had to be removed (cardiac tempinad). Several years after that she had to have one valve replaced with a mechanical valve, she also needed a double bypass. Again this was not heart desease but radiation damage. The surgeon said that the tissue was more like leather than heart tissue. He also said that if she had any heart desease she would have already died. She did survive the operation and lived a great life after recovery.

Yes, radiation can, and does damage our bodies. Consider the alternatives though. If she hadn't had the radiation she would have died from breast cancer 25 years ago and I would have had to raise my kids without a mother.pp

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