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How do you tell your family you're dying?

guardian angel
It's all depend how long do you still have. If it is very short be honest and be frank. If you have a while, don't tell them yet. Live your remaining life to the fullest, telling them would make it worst for you. cause everyime they see you, they would cry and that will depress you even more, or they will baby you and would not let you do anything. Enjoy whatever time you may have. It's easy for the one who go. It's harder for the one who stay back. Give them something to remember that they can smile about when they think about you. Good luck. You are in my prayer from now on.

im sorry for you or anyone else with cancer. My solution is be honest and tell them everything. But dont think that it is your last chance to live. You should go to church and pray and get saved. Then pray about it and god will heal you. i hope that you take my advice. thanx bye.

My father did tell me that he felt lucky about how had lived his live. I will always remember.

It is of course important to consider everyone in this sort of situation - but remember that you are the person who is struggling most of all, so take your time and tell your friends and family in a way thats suits you best.

If you tell them sooner rather than later, it means you can enjoy your time with them fully with less stress and worry for you, which is the most important thing.

well i hope i never have to, but i would just tell them cause i would want the vital time i had left to be with them.

sit them down and be honest....be ready to have to answer questions. my mom had to do the same thing a few years back...and the thing that helped the most was that she could explain what was going on with her body. if you have teenagers...they'll probably take it the hardest. i would suggest telling your spouse first, so then you can tell the rest of your family together. but make sure you do celebrate your life and time that you have had together...it'll help the blow.

I had to deal with sort of situation when my mother-in-law was dying with Cancer. I can tell you what I done....I called a family conference sat all the family done including the granchildren and just told them this "Mom and Grandma is very sick she will be going to Heaven soon to be with the Angels and to be with the Lord" I had to use simple terms for the younger grandchildren and answered all questions they had as openly and as honestly I as possibly could. May God be with you and your family. I do know what it feels like to have to do something like this.....

be open man by bro had 2 do the same thing keep ur head up and have fun till it happens and finish off any goals you ahve for yourself it'll be fine srry 2 hear bou it man...=(


Just be honest and sit them down and let them know all.

tell them it like a band aid. get it done fast rather then drag it out

You be open and honest with them, tell them what the doctor said, or have one go with you so the doctor can explain it to them, and then let that person explain it to everyone else.

You just broke my heart! I really don't know But there are agencies like hospice that might be able to help you .I,m truly sorry

have a celebration.
celebrate your life not your death.
tell them, be with them, have fun , laugh together, thats what you take with you.

god bless.

Ari. N
It depends to whom you are going to tell? an elderly person or a young one.

While talking to aged person we must be careful then slowly in conversation tell the fact.

Well my Mum still has 10 or 20 years left and she keeps showing everyone the will, it's got my brother for one real used to the idea.

Nita and Michael
If you are dying they need to know this, you need them now more than ever, just set them down and be honest, pray to God about all this, prayer is powerful and really helps....God bless

I can't even begin to tell you how...I guess just come right out and tell them what is wrong.

You're family already knows you are dying...we all are, sooner or later. It is the 'sooner' you are concerned about. Quietly get all your affairs in order..take care of all issues regarding your body's disposal, bills, estate problems, assuming you are old enough to have an estate.
Do you have minor children? That is your first priority...make sure that their future is fine, they will have a place to grow up safely.
But, the first place I would start would be with a SECOND OPINION from another doctor. IF all is confirmed, and this will be a lingering illness, make arrangements with a hospice BEFORE you go telling anyone. You may not want to saddle your loved ones with this burden, no matter how much they protest. Do all that is necessary, yourself, if you can, before you lay this one out. NOw, if I were in your position, while the family is all together, I would start up a simple philosophical discussion on the meaning of life, death, hereafter...whatever. I would ask "how would you feel if..." I would listen very carefully to what everone says, and proceed on the info you get from this conversation. I have already started the nasty part of the conversation in the first line..."you know, we all are going to die, sooner or later. Some of us will die sooner, and, one of them will be me. I have had a wonderful life...one I wouldn't trade with anyone.and each of you have made my life what it is...great. But, ......"If you approach this calmly, others will follow suit as best they can. And yes, some will take this better than others, but it is a fact that cannot be denied....do not allow anyone in the circle to go into denial. There will be plenty of time for sadness in the future...do not start with sadness today. Help them enjoy your life as it is today. There is no need to end your life today with pity, sorrow, and pain...other than physical. IF you are headed down a painful path to the end, make sure you have a LIVING WILL in place, that EVERYONE knows about it, that it contains the words, DO NOT RESUSITATE (DNR) in clearly written words. Make sure that, if and when you enter a hospice or hospital, DNR is on your chart...in big bold letters. Make EVERYONE on the room know that is your choice...leave them NO OPTIONS here, for if you do not, you will place a serious burden of guilt upon them when that time comes. You have my sympathy and I genuinely care. I have cared for terminally ill people in my life. I tried to keep their life cheery, didn't dwell on the enevitable, just day to day living, as we all do regardless of whether we know our end date or not.

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