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 I am shaking im so scared do i have cancer?
im a 13 year old girl and im super scared. i found two pea sized lumps or smaller on my neck. if you put your finger where your ear meets your neck and slide over about 2 inches, thats where they are....

 Cancer patients, survivors etc - Did you lose ALL of your hair during treatment?
Just out of interest...
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I know that you lose your hair during these treatments, I'm just wondering do you lose it all? everywhere?...

 Is it normal to get a lump on one breast during your period?

 When someone takes Chemo do they lose their hair all at once or in patches then shave thier hair?
I notice people are bald after taking chemo. Bald to the skin. Do they lose hair over all their body? Down below as well?
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I will be taken Chemo by I.V. for liver ...

 Lump on right side of my neck....?
I'm 21 and About a year ago i noticed a small lump on the right side of my neck.. I haven't though about it for ages, then 2 nights ago, for some reason i touched my neck and noticed not ...

 I think I'm going to die, and I'm scared?
I have growth up and down my spine. I don't know if it's cancer or not, and won't until the end of the month. I have no family around, no friends. I've been a hermit for a long ...

 Im really scared ive got cancer?
I recently found a lumpy thing in my left breast. My friend told me to go to the doctors so I went and she could feel it too. She said its probably not cancer due to my age, 16. But im still really ...

 Can meditation cure cancer ?
Check it out below web : -

Give your opinion....

 Lava lamps cuase cancer?
I got my son a lava lamp for christmas and the botom of the package says "This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of Calofornia to cuase cancer and birth defects or other ...

 Is animal testing right?
if it finds the cure for cancer, but it tests on many animals?...

 Does charging your cell whill talking on it give you cancer?
I have been wondering abouth this forever! Also, i like pink! :-]...

 How can someone get lung cancer who never smoked?
And why is there no treatment? My mom just told me that her neice (my cousin) is dying of lung cancer...but she never smoked a day in her life (although I believe my uncle did.) I don't really ...

 I Think Something is Wrong WIth me?
You see I am loseing my hair i have all of these wierd bruses that i do not rember geting they just literaly come up over night. I am really really scared and i am only 14 what could possible be ...

 How do you get cancer of any sort?

 Which one is worse?
Testical or throat cancer....

 I'm 4 months pregnate and was just told 4days ago i have cancer.?
i have an appointment with the cancer doctor monday morning, but i cant wait until then. i know what my chances are but what are the chances of my unborn baby's when i start taking the radiation ...

 My Grandad, 82 has lung cancer, how long has he to live?
He recently had a camera through his nose into his lung. The cancer appears to have spread to lymph glands and possibly surrounding areas. He is very thin, about 8stone 6 fully clothed. I have to ...

 Would you think it is a good idea to do a chemo to someone who is already extremely weak?
My mum just turned 65. She has breast cancer. Very advanced. Most of her body is swollen, the cancer has spread to the brain, the tumor has "eaten most of one breast" (here, you do not want ...

 My Mom has Cancer Can you help?
She has taken Chemo for Breast Cancer and it is not working. She is 82 . Can anything help ?...

 Have you even known someone with cancer who actually died of cancer and not the cancer treatment?
I've lost several people to cancer, but none of them died of the actualy disease. Mainly from side affects of treatments.

Your experience?...

How do you cheer up some one with cancer when it appears that the end is not far away,?
My problem is this. My friend has undergone treatments months ago and is now going through them again. If chemo don't work then its two differents sets of radiation. Things don't look good right now and my friend is not only sick from the treatment but in pain as well. To make matter worst, my friend lives across the ocean and the internet and phone is our only means of communication. Now, my friend doesn't reply or answer the phone. I feel as if my messages are being read. Any suggestions on how to cheer up my friend or a message that can be sent. I welcome any and all advice. Thank you in advance for your help.
Additional Details
To all that answered my question: This is the first time that "all" answers were given from the Heart and well thought out. Not even one answer just for points.How do I pick a best answer from all these great answers. If I could I would give all of you 10 points. You deserve them. I am going to give up three more points and let the voters deside this one. I can't. Also I was informed about chemo-angels. I looked at that web site and believe that I want to be one too. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, comments, advice and information. God bless all of you and I hope you have a extra special Merry Christmas.

hey its very hard to cheer some one up when they know they are dying. I just lost a sister to cancer and after a while they just give up and stop responding to anything or any body

CoUnTrY mUsIc FrEaK-a-ZoId
Oh... Wow

that must be an emotional struggle for both of you...

I recomend you go visit him soon... if the end is near, it might cheer them up to see you again...

If that is too much of an emotional toll on both of you
gather a box of stuff that was important to the both of you and send it in first class airmail and they will get it and look back at your memoirs and certain items and doodles or notes you can write...

God bless you for caring about your friend..

I will post more ideas as the come... if they do!

*I will pray for you and your dear friend*

My best advice is this: Don't try to cheer the person up, or you may end up wasting a lot of time and energy. Just be there for your friend. He may want to mourn what is happening to him, rather than be happy. If that is the case, he needs you to understand, rather than try to be all cheery.

You're being terrific by asking this question, and I admire you for wanting to do the right thing. Your friend is lucky to have you.

My first thought would be is he saved ,and how can I help him
to be at ease with the Lord .Nothing at this point is more important.
He will be in my prayers .

Being a cancer patient myself who doctors consider one in a million cases who survived all the bashing I went through for three full years made me think of a lot of things. All it required was that I had my family and friends besides me during the entire fight and thats what helped me get through the nightmare. Even today, the doctors cannot pinpoint and say why I am still alive after seven years of the illness - but the point still remains your presence and others who are close to your friends makes a far bigger difference then recieving cards, mails etc. I do not think he would be in any shape to read the same in any case and your being there would be something of a solace to him.

starting over
Sometimes the best thing you can do is be there, and since you can't do that, make him smile. Send pictures of funny things or jokes. Maybe say how it made you think of something fun or funny you did together or something similar.

Send clips of songs that your friend might find humorous. Laughing might provide some relief from pain.

So sorry for your friend. He is in my prayers. You said he is still in treatment. That is such a rough experience. He is probable sick & so tired & beat up that responding may just be beyond him for now. Keep sending the messages, & calling for I'm sure they do give him a lift. Be patient when he feels better he will let you know. Let him know he can talk to you. Sometimes just have an opportunity to vent helps. Know. He will know your standing by him.
Wish I could help you more, this is a tough situation God Bless.

I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. I lost my precious nephew to Cancer in 2000 he was only 13 1/2 yrs old. One of the things that meant the most to him was receiving cards and notes from tons of people many that he had never meet. One night I was searching for treatment options for him I ran across a site called Chemo Angels. It is a group that supports people going through Cancer. So I signed my nephew up for it. ( It is free) within a week he got his very own Chemo Angel who sent him a small gift each week as well as a "Card Angel" who sent him a card each week.
There were many days when he felt horrible but yet he would muster up the strength to open all his mail from friends far and near.
When my nephew passed away I myself joined and became a Chemo Angel to give back to those who helped make my "Nicholas" days so much brighter.

I hope this helps and I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.

Chemo Angel Rachel Arent

Send them letters (snail mail) call them keep up-beat. Allow them time to talk about what they are feeling, the stages of grief is difficult when your firend is the one dealing with them, just being a friend will let them know you care. God Bless you and your friend

This is a difficult one, Cancer is a life style, meaning that it changes everything you do and everyone around you. It means that everything you do should be as if it were the last time you were going to have the chance. Its how we all should live our life's...Its because we are to busy living our life, that we don't get the most enjoyment out of everything we do. This can be a very positive time if all involved make it that way, keeping in mind that death is just the next step not the end. quit worrying about the what ifs and just live life as if you were dying. If this is such a close friend to you, do everything in your power to be there for them and have a great time.I battled cancer with my daughter for five years and we have been through everything, however we made each and every chemo, radiation, transplant adventure and focused on the good, because the bad will always be there, know that she died smiling and joking. her last statement was " Life is a Journey, but death is the true adventure, no worries!

By the sounds of it you are probably not going to be able to cheer him up, but a plea to him to not shut you out of what is happening in his life because of the way it makes you feel. Tell him honestly that you want to be a part of his life and though your not going through it, you want to understand.

That's a tough situation. I say the best way to cheer up someone who is extremely ill is to talk to them as if they were perfectly healthy. Joke with them and make them feel like you don't see their illness at all.

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