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 Why give a cat scan?
My grandfather has just been told he has two tumours on his lungs and now they are taking him into hospital for cat scan, what would this be for, i know they give them to check your brain, but is it ...

 My uncle is having chemotherapy for cancer and i'am 8 1/2 mths pregnant will his chemo treatments hurt me?
i'am just concerned that something might hurt my unborn child i know this might sound ...

 What is the proper response (empathy) when a patient tells you that she was recently diagnosed wtih cancer???
i need your help asap. thanks!
Additional Details
i need a specific response. thanks!...

 Cancer or Cyst?
Hi iam a male aged 43,i have a small lump under my right pec(right chest)it feels like a Cyst as i have a few over diff parts of my body allready.
The lump is at to top of my stomach muscles it ...

 Who has a biggger bladder,man or woman?

 Does lung cancer spreads through blood transfusion?

 Water bottle question about caner...?
I heard that if you look under your water bottle with a number in the triangle, it determines how safe it is.
my friend told me that if the number in the triangle is 3 or under it is safe.

 Please describe your chemo experience...my wife will be starting next Thursday and I want to get prepared?
What did you feel like, how can a loved one make the experience better?

What did you eat?

Would it be easier to eat if you had items already prepared in the fridge?


 My ex-boyfriends dad has lung cancer??
Ok his dad has lung cancer and is in th hospital not looking too good. He is calling me and wanting to talk but i dont really know what to say to him. Do I just let him say what he wants to say and ...

 How long would somebody expect to survive with a METASTATIC BRAIN TUMOR if no treatment was undertaken?
Treatment is unlikely as the person has already been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, has already undergone chemo for this, which resulted in a reduction of the size of the tumour but was told ...

 I told my girlfriend that i have lung cancer, and she left me!?
i told my girlfriend this and she told me to leave after, and showng me the door she sends me nasty hurtful e-mail. Like why?...

 Is it true that cheese can give you cancer? ( heard it from real docter)?

is there anything like gum cancer? i have been having a problem with my tooth for the last 9 moths but coundnt do anything about it because i am currently pregnant, {37 ...

 Can you get cervical cancer from being fingered?

 Do all people who go through chemotherapy lose their hair?
Afriend I work with has breast cancer and is taking chemotherapy. She has a beautiful head of long hair and it is her own. Is this unusual?...

 Please read, about cancer, if you have advice that would help too.?
My mom went into the Dr. the other day complaining of stomach cramps. A hospital stay and lots of tests later they found a mass on her pancreas and spots on her liver. Theyre going to get the results ...

 Short note on smoking?
smoking its ...

 Herbs to cure cancer?

 Can a 23 year old women get breasts cancer?
I am 23 years old and I found a quarter sized lump under my left arm. it is painful and now causing pain in my left breasts. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?...

 Is it possible for a human being to be affected by two cancers at a time?
Naveed M.d from melbourne....

cd B
How do u get cancer ?
can u get cancer by eattin some one's blood ? easy ways to get cancer ???

Mr. Spock
By watching the image of Bush

No, you can't get cancer from "eating someone's blood."

Obviously, you could start smoking, but that wouldn't be "easy" or cheap, or quick.

Why do you want cancer?

Not Standing For It!
Are you serious? You idiot.

aaaaaa, kid, how'bout you go outside and play or read a book...

linda j
I think its the perservitives and crap they put in our food. Who eats blood are you a vampire????? weird

No u can't get cancer by eattin someone's blood.For more information visit=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cance...

Everybody has cancer cells and lay dormant, don't wake them up kid, OK!!

Johnny B
Smoke cigarrettes all day and lay naked in the heat of the sun.
That should get you started.

Susan M


go out in the sun too much

have the right parents.

Expose yourself to radiation, chemicals.

why would you want such a thing.... you are already having cancerous life if you keep asking this type of questions.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
No one really knows why cancer grows in certain people. Scientists and researchers are working to discover why some people get cancer and others do not. This will help them to learn whether cancer can be prevented.

Doctors do have some ideas about why people may get cancer, though. The main reasons are genetics and certain environmental or behavioral triggers.

The tendency to develop some types of cancer is believed to be inherited - that is, the genes you were born with might carry a predisposition for cancer. For example, if a close relative has had cancer of the breast or the colon, you may be more likely to inherit the tendency to develop those cancers, even though you may never actually get them.

Some behavioral and environmental triggers can cause changes in the body's cells that push them into a cancerous state. For example, cigarettes are known to increase the risk of lung cancer. Too much exposure to the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer. These types of triggers act on the body slowly over time, so the cancers that may result from them don't show up until a person is an adult. That's one reason why teens don't get the same types of cancers as adults do.

Doctors do know for sure that cancer itself is not contagious, so you don't have to worry about catching it from someone else or spreading it to another person (although people with certain infectious diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis are more vulnerable to certain cancers). Cancer is also never a person's fault. It's simply not true that a person may have done something wrong to get the disease.

I usually get mine at "Cancersareus". They have an excellent and varied selection of tumours. You can try them in, and see if they suit you (X-rays are free). They have a "try before you buy" offer at the moment. They will install a tumour in you, and you can take it home for the weekend. If you don't like it, then you can return it to the shop on Monday, no questions asked! Weeeell. It's not quite that easy. They will put you on a course of carcinogenic chemotherapeutic drugs, bombard you with radiation, and remove large chunks of your body with a scalpel. Piece of cake.

I bought myself a lung cancer there the other day. Only $99.99 plus 25 years of my life. bargain! I bought it on Monday, and was coughing blood by Tuesday. Can't wait for it to metastasize!

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