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How do people know they have cancer?
Are there symptons that prompt them to go to the doctor?
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Well my throat has felt really weird for a couple of weeks now, almost like its closing up and then I have a hard time swallowing and it feels like there is a lump constantly in my throat and its just really freaking me out!

There are symptoms but they are different depending on the cancer.... blood in stool could be colon ca, lump in breast... breast ca. It just depends! Go see your Dr if you're unsure- it's as simple as a blood test... the sooner it's detected the better the chance of survival.

people only "know" they have a cancer, when the doctor does the appropriate tests and finds the correct markers.
These can be discovered during an anual physical, or something out of the ordinary may occur that drives the patient into the doctor and while studying those symptoms the doctors discovers others and then does the appropriate tests.

Charles M
It depends on what type of cancer a person has. Sometimes you can see tumors or feel lumps. A lot of times a person thinks he/she has something else and then once the doctor does different types of tests, they find out what it really is.

A lot of times there won't be any symptoms - as is the case with breast cancer. That's why women are encouraged to give themselves self breast exams every month/6 months.

☮♂♥♀Soul Flower♀♥♂☮
Sometimes they do. Sometimes there can be a growth or discoloration.

Well, my Dad had been having some trouble urinating for a while but didn't think anything of it until he got blood in his urine. He got checked out and he had an inoperable form of prostate cancer. 45 radiation treatments, hormone shots, and he's still with us today. That was 7 years ago. Prostate cancer is one of the illnesses caused by Agent Orange. My Dad had been in Viet Nam by the Perfume river. The stuff was everywhere.

Perhaps Perhaps
Go To a Doctor and have a checkup every 6 months is the best way to be sure you do not have any disease like cancer.

Pipe Grampa
It depends upon the type of cancer. However, blood and urine tests can often times detect cancer before symptoms occur. If in doubt, see your doctor.

i'm not really sure but if you think u have it you might want to ask your doctor on a regular basis my aunt had breast cancer so she asks her doctor on a regular basis. she is really doing better .

do you think you have cancer? its always good to go just to be save. have you been feeling werid? or have had a fever?

soccer allie <3
regular checkup

The only way to KNOW is to see your Dr. If you are having a health issue, you need for your own good to see your Dr right away. Waiting to see if a symptom goes away doesn't do you any good. A Dr can run blood tests if needed to rule out anything serious. If you have a concern, make an appointment right away and get it checked out.

Alex B
It depends on the type of cancer whether or not they have symptoms. Many cancers are found during routine check ups. Others, like liver cancer or leukemia, manifest symptoms which prompt people to go to the doctor.


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