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How can you tell the difference between a fibroid lump and a cancerous lump in your breast?

you have to be seen by a specist then have a mamogram done then its up to the doctor if he wants to do a boipsy then ypull know

Typically, a fibroid lump will be round and mobile, meaning that it is not attached to any other tissue. It can be sensitive to the touch, or downright painful, and can be accompanied by itching as well. Normally, these lumps are associated with menstrual changes, and the symptoms will often worsen just before menstruation.

Cancerous lumps are more characteristically solid, with irregular borders, and are often non-mobile, meaning that they're attached to other tissue. Normally, pain is not usually associated with a cancerous lump.

HOWEVER... these are by no means standards to make a diagnosis from, and they do not hold true in all cases. In most cases, if one were to visit a doctor, a mammogram would be ordered, and possibly followed by an aspiration, which involves inserting a needle into the lump and attempting to drain fluid. If the lump is drainable, it's likely just a cyst, but the fluid would still normally be tested by a pathologist to detect the presence of cancer.

Hope this helps... and remember, 8 out of 10 breast lumps turn out to be non-cancerous when investigated further.

You really can't. Every woman in my family has fibrocystic breasts...no history of cancer...so naturally my doctor thought that mine was just fibrocystic too especially since he could move it and it wasn't really hard. He said you couldn't move cancer, that cancer lumps didn't hurt and that it wasn't hard enough. You probably should see your doctor if you are concerned and get him/her to order you a mammogram or ultrasound and go from there. Also, a fibrocystic lump will come and go, get smaller and bigger and then smaller again. If your lump is staying the same size or growing then I would be very concerned and get on in to see someone as soon as possible.

you cant.....these are not even always detectable without an examination...go to the doc

You can't. Get to a doctor.

All lumps should be examined by a doctor. Go ahead, make the appointment, it will feel good to finally know and not worry. Good luck.


It's hard to tell the difference, most of the time, only a biopsy can tell it the lump is cancerous. Pain in and around the lump could give you a red flag for a cancerous lump. Look at your family history for breast cancer as opposed to fibroid tumors.

You can't tell the difference. Even doctors that check for lumps all the time still take biopsies to know for sure. If you notice a change in any lump you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. For the mental relief, if nothing else. Good Luck! ~TM

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