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How can i write a letter to a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer?
a close family friend (who's still in university) just got diagnosed with cancer. i can confidently call her one of the strongest and genuine people i have ever met- i knew this even before i found out about her sickness.
i want to write a letter to her, not just for my condolences but also to make her stronger and happier on her journey. I've never known anyone in such a situation before, though, and don't know what to say. please give me some tips.
Additional Details
sorry, didn't know about the "condolences" part; this is all quite new to me. thanks for pointing that out!

Shall be keeping an eye on this question. We all would like to know as there are more and more people being diagnosed with the dreaded disease. We have to keep our fingers crossed that it is not us. God bless you.

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME. Please stop the chemo therapy. Doctors dont want you to know of the alternative medicines that can actually cure cancer. If a doctor tells you the alternative medicines, they will be out of a job. How much does it cost for chemo therapy each time you take in those chemicals? This medicine is better and only $75 dollars a bottle. Each bottle lasts a month. You take an ounce per day, and after each dose, you eat a banana or eat potatoes. its called "CESIUM CHLORIDE."
The problem with chemo therapy is that they always say that they never know how each person will be affected by the chemicals. You could die the next day, or you can die in a month. BUT, you cannot live past 2 years. So, its not a good garauntee that you will extend your life for 2 years. The reason is because chemo therapy is a toxin. A poison that kills your body. And if it kills the cancers before it kills you then you are cured. And if the cancer dies before you die, you probably wont live past 5 years. Because even after the cancer is killed, your body is completely deteriorated. I bet you cannot ask 100 people who knew someone who went to chemo therapy and lived more then 5 years after defeating cancer. You might get lucky and find like 2 people. What are your chances that you will be that 2 lucky people that live? So, how good of a cure can chemo therapy be?
The key to defeating cancer is all over the net. But the people who sell these alternatives cannot say on their labels that their medicines cure cancer. It is against FDA rules. The reason is because if this is done, then doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceautical companies cannot make any money. So, according to FDA, it has to be stated on the bottles that it is for vitamins only, etc etc.
You can go find these medicines and take care of your cancers in 3 to 12 months. Just listen to me as I dont make anything off of this. I am only here to help. I am sick of these doctors and big companies making money off dyng people. Doctors wont tell you either. Its against their rules. Well, gee, they were ones who created these rules, so go figure. I believe there were like alot of medicines that take care of cancers. There is a top 10 list somewhere. I think cesium chloride is listed number 1 or 2 on the list.
I found a good bottle of this on www.nutrition2000.com. I think this was the address. You can always search the internet. Get the one that contains rubidium (I think this is how it is spelt). This helps your body absorb the medicine. Good luck my friend. And please pass this information to everybody you know that needs it.

Ms. Q
Tell her what you think of her, ( her beauty, her strength and that you are there for her if she needs you, she just needs to tell you what you can do and you will do what you can) Tell her how she has touched your life, but at the same time you have to be careful because you dont want her to think that she is on a death sentence and you have to tell her everything before she dies. She may want things to remain as normal as possible so you have to show your love for her as though its not her last day.

First off let her know how you feel about her strength and genuineness. Don't treat her as though she is terminal if she isn't, let her know that you support her and her decisions and that you will stand by her. Offer to help her out if she needs it, and if she lives nearby maybe take her over some nice meals just in case she is too sick to cook or go out for food.

Always make sure to let her know that you care for her and still respect her.

Just be there for her..to support her as a friend...

mike L
i survived just treat her the same as always wait for her to say something then just talk about it . There is always hope these days. they have come along way it took 21/2 years but so far i won looks like. Just be there for her when she needs it thats what counts otherwise dont change a thing your friendship is plenty she;ll need suport and for you to be strong too. good luck Mike

Be careful with your choice of words. "Condolences" are for someone whose loved one has DIED. She is not dead, she is only sick. Tell her to call you if she needs to talk, needs a ride to chemo, the grocery store, or just to hang out. And actually do the things you say you'll do.

From someone who has recently been diagnosed & now going through radiation, after surgery & chemo, it's a long journey & any & all communication & support was greatly appreciated. Just keep it very sincere, upbeat, positive, supportive, etc. No pity, just that she will beat it & that you will pray for her or do what you can to support her in this. List her strong characteristics as you did on her, suggest to her to go back & read the letter on occasion to give her strength on those really difficlut days. Let her know more than anything tha tyou believe in her, her decisions & that you are only a phone call away if needed for moral support, to talk, to laugh, etc. God Bless!

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