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 How should i have reacted?
I'm 15 and the other day my dad told me that my grandad might have lung cancer but it isn't for deffiante!

i wasn't really affected at first jus shocked witht the news.

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Laura W
Help with dealing with terminal Cancer?
I am suffering from terminal lung cancer, even though I've never smoked. I am sixteen years old and am scared of dying. Help me.

I suggest that you go to a Spiritualist church and listen. You will then know that there is life after death.

You cannot stop what is inevitable, you have to begin to accept it. Confront your fears! If you have been told it is terminal i wouldn't have the chemo, it will just make you feel ill and sick even more. Why prolong your suffering? Enjoy what time you have, your family won't want to witness you suffering either.

I feel for you, this is an awful thing to be bestowed on you at such a tender age.

please do visit the spiritualist church though, it's amazing. Also go to NewAgeStore forums. There is psychics and mediums online. Post questions there and ask about the afterlife.

God bless you!

sorry to hear it, ive heard that if you get your blood ph above 7.0 cancer can not survive in the body. I would definatly try alternative treatment before going through your typical kemo/ radiation therapy. check out naturalcures.com web site. im not a member but if i had cancer i would be.

Please see the webpage for more details on Lung cancer.

Lisa B
oh my god that is awful i suggest you talk to a professional about your worries

pussy cat
oh my god i am so so sorry. you sound like you are a very brave young lady. all i can advise you to do is turn to your loved ones for their support remember not to block them out from your mental state and let them do things for you when they offer, do not be too proud and take care make the most of live but be careful x x x x

Where there is life, there is hope. Have you researched treatment abroad? America or Germany, they have better survival rates than in this country. I know, because my wife had cancer. Don't assume that all the best treatment is in this country. God bless you.

Your other respondents have reminded me, do not take chemotherapy unless your medical advisers think that it will benefit you, because otherwise, it will make you ill and reduce your immune system.

cancer killer
I don't know that this will ease your mind, but part of the dying process is "acceptance," so you will probably learn to find peace in your fate. Fear is obviously very natural, especially in someone so young who has probably not had much experience with death (or life, for that matter.) I would suggest finding a support group consisting of people your age who are facing similar struggles. You may also find it therapeutic to write a journal. This will also be a treasured keepsake for those who love you when you are gone. Find someone you trust, like your mom, and confide in them. Again, just talking about it will probably help you feel better about some of your fears and I'm sure that your mom (or whomever you choose) will cherish the time you spend together and the closeness you will gain by talking about such meaningful and personal issues. As you go through your journey, try to see the beautiful things that this world has to offer and feel the love that surrounds you.
Know that you were placed here for a reason and although you may never know what that reason is, it will manifest itself nonetheless. Luck and love to you.

Hi Laura I'm so sorry to here about your lung cancer , I'm going through a similar situation i have a malignant Brain Tumour and have the same fears i really understand , i suggest keep researching on the Internet for new and diffrent treatments the American cancer sites are the best as the world follows what they do they are the biggest researching country as they have the money , i found a lot of information that they didn't tell me here in England like i should still be on treatment and I'm not i would be if i was in America the Doctors said there that i found out so do research on the American sites , most importantly prey to to the lord for strenght to help you and i will pray for you take care and Godbless , if you want to get hold of me to talk you are more than welcome , you are in my thoughts and preys....

Scott's Peanut
I have lymphoma and I'm 22. Luckily, mine's treatable but I can completely understand how scared you are and how unfair the situation is. Are they atleast going to try to help you out a little? I start chemo on monday and radiation after. I'm not looking forward to it. I did a lot of reading about 'graviola' but I don't have the guts to try it out. If I were in your situation though.. I would just cuz it can't do any harm. Read about it and see what you think. Let me know what you think too and maybe I'll take it too. I was very scared too but then you realize what's gonna happen is gonna happen. Life's ain't always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride. Make the most of your days.. don't worry about when you're gonna die- I know it's easier to say it. But I don't think you should concentrate on dying cuz honestly, you and I- we're lucky to know that we have cancer and we have the time to prepare ourselves. People die all the time. One of my best friends (20) just died as he rode his bike and got hit by a girl driving while text messaging. Please e mail me if you need to- I'd give you my number too if you want. starbucks_girrl@hotmail.com, Much love, Naina.

I am so sorry to hear that and I don't know what to say. That this time your best support is going to be your family who know and love you, please don't shut them out. There are health care professionals who can help you directly but at the same time the are also hundreds or maybe thousands of people on the internet tonight who have read your question and are thinking and praying for you.

you need to seek professional help for this.

i know you are scared , but remember , you will be going to heaven where you will never suffer again . maybe you will meet my son there , he is 17 and dying of brainstem cancer. turn to god , he will give you strength...........

Laura honey your story has touched me very much. Are there things that you have always wanted to do but haven't? I am sure you have heard of the Make a Wish foundation and I think that would be a great idea for you to get in touch with them.
You may wanna search out resources for teens going through what you are too on the internet.
Do not be afraid darlin...there are many people out there who can help you and give you strength...If I can be of any help please let me know. So many people on your side. I am one of them.
Prayer also helps alot too..to be in touch with yourself and with God...you are never alone. God bless you darlin.

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