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melanie x
Family member undergoing chemo, safe to be around?
My father is going through chemotherapy. His doctor told him he cannot be around children while undergoing treatments. Well, I am 36 weeks pregnant and wondered if anyone knows if it is unsafe to be around him. He needs rides to chemo and I planned on taking him, but I do not know if it is safe or not.

The reason they say not to be around children is because children are GERM MAGNETS! When on chemo, your immune system is nearly depleted and you're vulnarable to almost any and every disease out there. I believe that your unborn child is okay to be around your dad.

Wish your father good luck for me, okay?

my mom had chemo and being near her wasnt contagious the only thing the dr said was that her being around little children can upset her she couldnt lift them and they cause stress with thier playing they just need quiet and rest. it will not harm the baby inside you.

the reason is that kids carry so meanin greams ...people who is goin throuh chemo ..is more likey to catch something ...i could not be around my grandkids if they had a cold ..or started to have one ...sorry its best that way ...

I'd say that you'd be safe.

Jesus will make sure of this!

Im glad to hear that you're pregnant; but you'll be okay.

not safe. keep away.

It is more that the children pose a risk to him than the other way around!

In most cases, chemotherapy reduces your resistance to disease and you will pick up anything that is going!

Children are the most likely source of infection as they have lower immunities than adults, so are more likely to catch and pass on infection.

You should be perfectly safe around him, but check with his Dr in case it is some wierd form of chemo.

I was given the advice to avoid mixing with children when I was on chemo, and the above was the explanation my oncologist gave me.

why dont you ask his doctor next time you take him. hope everything goes well for him:)

The doctor doesn't want him to be around children because children carry germs that your dad may catch. His immune system is down and he can't take the risk of becoming sick.As far as you being around him it is perfectly safe.That's only if you aren't sick with a cold,etc.
I wish your dad the best and hope everything turns out fine. Keep your faith.

Mopar Muscle Gal
Its safe as long as there is some fresh air ventilation
keep the window open a crack on their side

hugs to you and your Dad

tell him to keep drinking lots of water
I personally loved the generic otter pops to prevent mouth sores during Chemo

The actual warning is the other way around. Your father on chemotherapy can't harm anyone . . but children and even you can harm your father by exposing him to germs, viruses, and bacteria. Because he is on chemotherapy his immune system will often be compromised, he could get sick very easily which could be life threatening.

Please read the following information about the immune system and why your father is at risk around people who may have colds or the flu:

Chemotherapy and Blood Counts

The Immune System

We keep some of that germ free hand lotion in the kitchen, bathroom and our sons room. We use it frequently and encourage guests too also. When our sons counts are low (usually only a day or two) we use special precautions to keep him from catching anything.

As for your unborn child . . I'm sure its fine to be around your Dad, but just to be absolutely sure just ask his doctor or call your own doctor. Your Dad should be extra careful around any child that has been exposed to the chicken pox as it is possible to pick up a nasty variety of shingles.

Best of luck to you.

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