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Does your hair grow back after radiation treatment for cancer?
Do you loose your hair forever or does it grow back?

Yep, it grows back, thankfully. I like having eyebrows especially.

stacey g

Radiation cooked the hair off the right side of my head.
Took about a month for it to grow back. On the plus side, at 54 years old, even though I sported a pony tail for 30 years I lost it too, but the hair on the top of my head is coming back thick and dark. The hair in back where the ponytail was, is a lot thicker and dark. For the first time in my life, I have enough facial hair to grow a decent looking beard. Cool.

Everyone has similar results but of course there are varients due to different body chemistries.

I know one person who didn't lose any hair at all, another who lost all of their hair, and then another who lost only their hair but not their eyebrows.

From what I have been told those who lost their hair gradually got it back after treatments stopped. Most people have noticed a change in hair color, thickness, and texture.

I have on Obama's Glasses
I had chemo.
I lost all my hair eyebrows lashes last april they are all back now, hair is about two inches long now, and curly, was not curly before..
my eyelashes came back real quick and so did eyebrows..

radiation did not bother hair at all...no big deal to have the radiation at all...

It will eventually grow back but it may be finer and different in color and texture. My mom lost nearly all of her hair when she had chemo but it came back softer and finer and darker(she was going gray before).

My husband had a glioblastoma brain tumor and he had extensive radiation...5 times a week for 6 weeks. About 4 1/2 weeks into his treatments, he lost his hair....but not all of it....only in the areas where the radiation was being directed. He ended up shaving his whole head and it did grow back but it was a different texture than before the radiation.

Wherever radiation is being directed on the body is where the hair will be lost, unlike chemo where all hair usually goes.

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