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Does haveing a large mass in your breast always mean you have cancer?

no. another reason for a mass in the breast is scar tissue as well. especially for those who are in remission or have had breast cancer it can be very scary but can many times turn out to simply be scar tissue remaining from surgeries, treatments, etc.

No, it doesn't. It could be a benign (non-cancerous) cyst or mass. The only way to be sure is to see your doctor ASAP!!

Jen S
Having a lump in your breast could be a multitude of things. It doesn't always mean cancer. I have had lumps in both of my breasts and they were both hard nodules. They turned out to be benign (non-cancerous). If you have a lump in your breast please do not wait to get it checked out. The lumps can also be fluid filled (cystic).

Not, it doesn't. It could be benign. I hope you are under a doctor's care and you can have a mamogram or whatever tests are recommended until you find out what the treatment options are. Good Luck!

No, this could be a fatty tissue. Check it out with a doctor to be sure.

Salli B
No, 80% of breast lumps end up to be non-cancerous.

You definitely need to have it checked out by your OB though!

Not always. It could be a cyst or fatty tissue. But to be safe, if you have never noticed it before you should have a doctor check it out. :)

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