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Does everyone on chemo lose their hair?
Also do people who are on it look ill? Especially when they say that they are having bad reactions to it. Someone I know say they have cancer and are dying very soon but they look very well to everyone. I am not sure if they are really ill or just crying out for attention, callous I know but this person has a history of over dramatising things to get people to feel sorry for them. Lots of what they say just does not ring true somehow and people never believe what they are told by this person unless they see for themselves. All the hair is still there and weight is pilling on and the appetite is a very good one. Any one out there who knows about these things?
Additional Details
They say they have bowel cancer that has spread to the liver and was told in Sept that they had 3 months to live. They have had a large dose of chemo and waiting for a scan to say say if it is ok or not.

Katrina l
yes!!!!!! they lose hair because of the side effect to thier body, having chemo theraphy is so dificult ...... but they can wear wig or hut........

Andrew S

Christian S
Not all chemo's cause hairloss and not all cancer patients look ill. The side effects differ depending on the severity of the drugs and the actual drugs themselves plus everyone handles the toxicities of the chemicals differently. It is possible for people with cancer to still look completely well and still manage a 'normal' life. What sort of cancer do they say they have? and what sort of treatment? i work in oncology and have cancer myself so I could help

Jade Q
My daughter has been through it all. She is a beautiful child. The first time she didn't lose her hair (2 1/2 yrs of chemo) she got some thinning spots on top. She always looked like she wasn't sick except when first diagnosed until her treatment was underway and controlling the cancer. Then she went in remission after a month on heavy chemo protocol. continued her 2 1/2 yr protocol was off chemo for a year. (steroids are commonly used in cancer treatment and they make you gain a lot of weight) When you go off them it gradually comes off. It takes a long time though. They make you eat like crazy, like you can't control it at all you are just starving all the time.) After her year of we thought a cure, she relapsed. Heavier chemo again 6 months until we found a donor and she had a bone marrow transplant. It depends on the chemo protocol (every kind of cancer has a number of different treatment protocols) Every hospital varies. She could very well be telling the truth. If she was making this up, that is pretty said and she needs a lot of help. You didn't mention her age. You could ask mom in around about way to see if you can help her in any way due to her illness if she is living home. Or, someone close to them, boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt, uncle, sibling, neighbor, etc. I'm sure if they are really sick someone related or very close to them know about it. You can't really hide all your treatment visits or paraphernalia, medications etc for too long. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

Bowel cancer with mets to the liver is very serious, but i think the best thing you can do, is be a good friend and put these thoughts to the back of your mind and focus on being there for them.

In the UK, the normal progression after diagnosis of cancer is a staging CT of the abdomen, pelvis and chest. This is probably where the liver mets would have been identified. If it is a rectal cancer, an MRI of the pelvis would also be arranged to better stage the local growth.

It is standard that if the patient is fit enough (and it would appear he/she is from what you have said) that they would have the primary bowel cancer resected regardless of the mets. Sometimes a course of chemoradiotherapy is under taken for rectal cancers, and occassionally chemo only, although the aim is merely to prolong life, there is little hope to resect the tumour.

Post bowel resection, a course of chemotherapy will be given (although some patients with resectable liver disease will have a second operation within weeks, without chemotherapy), which in the UK is now Oxaliplatin, with or without 5FU. Results on this have been very encouraging, with considerable shrinkage of the tumour in many cases, and complete regression in a few.

Oxaliplatin, and 5FU will make you feel very unwell, and it is unlikley the person would be singing and dancing, but everyone reacts differently. Not being an oncologist, i would take the word of the oncology nurse on here that reaction depends on the person, as does their tumour reaction to the drug.

There are different types of chemo someone I know opted to have the chemo where you do not lose your hair and she did look quite pale and tired at times, she had bowel cancer and had her chemotherapy every other week through a tube put in her chest .

no my Mum had chemo for bowel cancer and although her hair thinned she didn't really lose enough for it to be that noticeable

diana - b
I have a couple of friends who have gone through chemo and radiotherapy for cancer in the last few weeks. They both looked and felt well before they started treatment but have suffered hugely during the treatment. It would be hard for your friend to hide the pain and sickness if she/he was being treated.

hi, i went through chemo and didn't lose all my hair, it went extremely thin, if you didn't know me you wouldn't notice the difference. mostly i didn't look sick but i was very pale. everyone reacts differently and there are so many drugs for so many types of cancer. doctors told me to plan on losing a lot of weight, i gained weight, i ate like a little pig the whole time. so it is hard to tell what your friend is going through.

Not necessarily. It depends on the drug used and the dosage level. It also depends on a person's individual susceptibility to the drug.

Weight gain and good appetite are often symptoms of high dosages of corticosteroids which are sometimes given to counteract the inflamation of the lung lining some people get with chemo.

Hope that helps

My daughter has been getting chemo for two and a half months now. Her hair has thinned, and she hasn't lost any weight, aside from when they removed the tumor and the kidney which weighed a couple of pounds. She's a bit pale, but only because she is currently anemic and will probably be getting a blood transfusion soon. Aside from that, you really can't tell just by glancing at her. Her hair is a lot thinner from my perspective, because I see her every day, but to others, maybe not so much. Everyone who gets chemo usually will have a port placed on them somewhere in the body. This is because they get frequent needle sticks, and because chemotherapy that is given through a vein will actually burn a vein, so they have to put in into one of the larger veins, like an artery in order to not destroy veins. Adults sometimes can get chemo in pill form, it really just depends on what kind of chemotherapy drugs the doctor's have put them on. All in all though, I say it doesn't really matter if this person has cancer or not. If you don't like them, don't hang around them, if you do, then hang out with that person. Having cancer doesn't make you any more special than anyone else. I fully understand why people will fake cancer, you would be amazed the things that happen when people find out your child has cancer, I have to imagine it is the same for an adult. Giving someone a gift, money, some special priveledge isn't going to make their cancer go away or make their life worth living should they die. The only truly valuable thing you can give a cancer patient is prayers. My daughter has received toys, presents, money, blankets, been given special priveledges, eats as much junk food as she wants (could account for the no weight loss, lol), but the best thing she has received through this whole ordeal is prayers from other people.

Mr curious
Not everyone looses their hair although the majority of peple do.

chris s
Not everyone loses hair.

They have ways now that reduces the chances of losing the hair.

this person might not be lying about this, medication now means people can live a acceptable level before the final stages of cancer.

Its impossible to say. Different cancer is treated with different drugs and strengths of chemo. Please dont judge on appearance. My brother died from cancer and at one stage he had all his hair and was putting weight on - it was because he was on steroids. Not all chemo makes you lose your hair - it would be helpful if you said what type of cancer they have. Most patients having chemo will have a line into either the arm or the chest - the oncology teams put them in to stop the veins collapsing with such harsh treatments xxxx

Just read your edits and being honest it doesnt sound quite right. They wouldnt just have one dose of chemo - they run in courses of chemo - normally 6 or 12 weeks per course, they would have a line in and without doubt they would be having problems with eating at times because chemo makes you sick. Also Bowel and Liver cancer dont just go away or become 'okay' - usually it would be a case of maybe shrinking the tumour to a point where an operation to remove may be viable. Maybe try saying that you are very concerned and ask if you can go with them to one of the appointments. Its the only way you'll get the truth. Maybe suggest contacting the Macmillan nurses - they would normally be involved with such a serious case. I truly hope this person is not lying as its such a wicked disease and not to be used for attention seeking. xxx

Kimberly M
Every single person on the face of this earth will react to chemotherapy differently.....it is very hard to tell what your body will and will not do.....just stay strong throughout the whole process.

goto www.royalmarsden.co.uk cancer hospital websire

Not everyone will lose their hair. It really depends on the meds they are being given. And no not everyone will look ill. My son did not look sick (other than being a little pale) while he was on treatment. Once again it depends on the meds, the strength of the meds and the person.

If you acquaintance is on chemo they will know the names of the meds they are being given. Ask and then you can do a search for those meds. They may have a port-a-cath or broviac too.

The one thing that makes me wonder is that you say this person is gaining weight, while I am sure that can happen I have not seen it. Most, that I know of, either lose weight or maintain it. Chemo really speeds up your metabolism.

Hi, not everyone on chemo will lose their hair. There is something called a "cold cap" that some people wear when getting their chemo so that they don't lose their hair. I hear it's quite uncomfortable and I don't know if it's available everywhere.
Many people with cancer lose weight but again there are exceptions to the rule, it will depend on where the cancer is, whether they are on steroids etc.
I've also seen people who look quite well up until the cancer is quite advanced, with some people you would never know to look at them that they are ill.
I would really hope that nobody would go to the lengths of trying to convince others that they have cancer and are dying just to get attention, but there are some strange people out there!

My sister in law completed a course of Chemo earlier this year, she lost some of her hair but not all, all her body hair went but she kept her eye lashes, brows and the majority of the hair on her head.
She did look tired a lot of the time, lost her appetite and felt sick a lot but then I had a friend who was treated prior to that and she looked awful all the way through, right from the very start of the treatment.
It is very dependant on the person and their response to treatment.
I worked with a guy who was being treated for leukaemia and you would never have known he was ill, he took his treatment in tablet form so was never away from work.

It is poss to hang on to your hair by wearing what s called a cold cap, I believe. And some people do manage to keep quite well during chemo. But if this person IS making it up, then, in a very different way, they are very very sick indeed. No matter what problems people like this have, making up a story like this is just disgusting, and if I were you, I'd make sure they were exposed and ostracised. We ALL need attention sometimes, but to do this is a slap in the face to genuinely ill brave people. So there.

Yes everybody on chemo does lose their hair and nearly always feel naauseous. I agree with you this person you know is attention seeking

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