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Does everyone get really sick when haveing chemo?
My daughter had a breast rewmoved aug 28th 2006 she has had one of 14 chemo treatments. I have been told everyone don't get really sick when taking these treatments but I don't honestly believe that. can anyone that has had it tell me more? Thanks

I never actually threw up (thank God!) but I felt pretty crappy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and did AC chemo, 25 radiation treatments, 1 year of Herceptin, and have another 3 years of Tamoxifen. I have had bilateral mastectomies with TRAM reconstruction. I am doing well now, although that nasty cancer fear creeps into my life from time to time.

mike L
yes they do. I had it and didn't opp to take the meds to help with that. but they do have some. It depends on what medicine they use too. What i had younger kids and older people it would kill. Mine where 6 hours and 4 hours cycles. Eat peanuts them you can munch on anytime they are very good for you and helps get the taste out of your mouth. Let her rest if you ever had a bad hangover ; welp that's a good start as to what shes going thru. Let her rest and keep her spirits up when shes up to it. don't push it takes time. Just remember to all of that is killing what is trying to kill you. so let it work. Good luck and hang in there. And don't worry about what everyone else says you talk to the Doctor. he deals with that day in and day out, they don't have all the answers either. But they know the signs and they will make her and you as comfortable as they can. They are there just ask don't be afraid to talk to them. The first few i had i didn't get sick either but after the third when it really kicks in ya do

My Aunt had a difficult time with Chemo she often got pneumonia while she was doing her treatments because her white blood cell counts were so low. Chemo doesn't pick and choose between good cells and bad ones, they all get attacked. The best thing to do is to take lots of vitamins, sometimes that can be hard to keep down so drink vitamin enriched substances such as ensure (if she doesn't like the taste of them then just put a little chocolate syrup in it). Hopefully she won't get sick at all :-D I'll say a prayer for her.

I am currently going thro' chemo treatments and I get sick but my Dr. told me that not everyone does, some people have very mild side effects. It depends on the type and amount of chemo you recieve.

The vast majority of people on chemotherapy treatment have side effects. These will vary in degree. There are different types of treatments and it depends on the amount, length of time and what other functions are interrupted due to the drug. Currently, there are many drugs that can ease the symptoms and side effects. There are also new medicines that can minimize the nausea. It is a very aggressive treatment and depending on the need to eradicate the cancer will determine how sick she will become. It varies from patient to patient and it is impossible to predict how her body will react. Good luck to you both.

i haven't had chemo but i know people who have. the problem with chemo is that it decrease you white blood cells, the protectors of your body, so you are vulnerable to sickness. the intesity of the illness just depends on how long she's been on the treatment and if she's taking anything to increase her white cell count. you're white blood cells are trying to fight this new intruder into the body but they keep dying off so it's hard to not get sick and you also can't build up any immunity.
I hope you and your daughter are doing ok and i'll pray for you both.

Of my family members who had to undergo chemo as a cancer treatment, not everyone responded the same. Some did much better than others. Even the ones who seemed to tolerate chemo better than others still had periods where they did get sick form the chemo.

One of my best friends felt really tired -- almost like having the flu -- the day after her chemo treatment and then she would get back to work and would be fine until her next treatment. My father-in-law tolerated chemo and radiation VERY WELL. However, at one point his blood count got so low he had to be in the hospital for a couple days, but other than that he did great (he would leave work for his treatments during his lunch break and then return to work after the treatment).

Hang in there. Your daughter will do better knowing you are supporting her. She will not know how her body will react until she starts treatment. And even if she feels bad after the first one, there is still hope that the others won't affect her as bad. Have her pay attention to her nutrition during chemo and that seems to help too.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!

I have never heard of anyone NOT getting sick from chemotherapy.

I wish all the best for your daughter from a 5 year throat cancer survivor.

red heads ha!
No not everyone gets really sick but some do ...If you have chosen this path of treatment (together) than support her give her courage and tell her you love her.... stay w/ her this is a powerful thing to do together...There are many drugs for anti nausea that might help... just don't give up! join groups that you can voice you concerns and feelings in... usually available where she is getting chemo...what ever you believe in: prayer, meditation , help from friends , all of this do it...I wish you HOPE and LOVE and PEACE...

my son never got nausea or vomiting and didnt lose his hair when he was on chemo , he took vincristine and carboplatnin

Cyndi S
Unfortunately you've been given a LOT of misinfomation! Not all people get sick! As a matter of fact that is not the normal course! Much depends on the type of treatment she's getting and her own constitution. Many go through chemo with little to no side effects. A good positive support system and a belief system along with a credible doctor are the key ingredients. Many people love to tell you horror stories (remember when you were pregnant?) Also people love to tell you they have the miracle cure. If this were true it would be worth trillions. Supplements are ok but check first with her nurses or doctor. Some of them will thin her blood or other things that could harm her. Everyone holds their hand out for your money with things that just don't work. As for detroying all her good cells this simple isn't true. Think of weeds and trees. Your body is the tree- cancer is the weed. You can kill the weed because it's ussually a weak plant but some damage to leaves might happen in the process. There are many non sedating drugs that will prevent nausea but beware- anticipatory nausea is the hardest to overcome (the belief that you will get sick no matter what). Please speak with her nurses and tell them your concerns. Do you go with her to treatments? You might be surprised what really goes on in a cancer clinic! Without any hesitation I think cancer patients are the most incredible, brave, kind, caring, and patient people in the world. Don't judge something without experiencing it first. Please be there for her- she needs you now more than ever!

Natural healer
Chemo is a poison. the poison kills parts of you as well as the cancer. Your white blood count may be low and make you more susceptible to other major illnesses, but some people do not get sick.
I am taking an amazing all natural supplement that gives my body what it needs to repair and heal itself, I have had depression for 5 years and this is the only thing that worked. I'm 100% better now! The company i get my supplements from also have products that shrink cancer -hospital tested! Also many minerals and vitamins your daughter needs to feel better and support immune system are available. They are inexpensive, easy to take and have NO side effects.
email for more info, i would like to help!

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