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Does drinking a bottled water (that has been left in the car) safe? I heard it leads to breast cancer?
Because of the chemicals inside the plastic that is activated or "melted away" from the bottle from the heat that is accumulated within the car.

yes, it is.... as you know a water bottle made from plastic should never be reused..... at the liquid takes the bottle no more space more lead spreads.... you should tell this to students... or children.... at any age it is still unhealthy

Ryan B
Wow, rofl, thats funny. But if it sits in there, probably bacteria and stuff forms and plastic is absorbed in the water. Maybe yes.

Susan T
Hmm, I heard it leads to the depletion of the ozone layer. I think don't risk it.

haha, drink away... you'll be alright!! seriously, if whoever told you that was pulling your chain

I read about that just recently, and I say When in doubt throw it out. Why take chances.

I don't know about any cancer it can cause, but they do warn not to reuse the plastic bottle because of chemical break-down which can harm you. I think I would toss the used bottle of water in the car.

If your bottle is to hot before or after water is in it, yes those chemicals are hazardous, throw it out. You would taste it.

When its very hot outside and you leave your bottled water inside your car for hours lets say....it can cause the inside moisture thus creates bacteria and leads to cancer.

I might be wrong :)

i dont know, google it.
i have no idea
but if you heard that i would try it........
but i think you can drink the water
it just cant be left there when its realllyyy
hot and then you drink it

noo its not bad but if its day old if u reuse a bottle more then once its not good to ....once is ok after the plastic starts to have some chemical reaction with our water ...interesting isnr it...

It takes a pretty high heat for plastic to melt so I don't think that you would get much of the chemicals from the bottle into the water. That's why they make drink bottles out of plastic.

Also to the first poster cancer is basically a viral infection.

You may get more bacteria from the water which could lead to an upset stomach but I doubt it they try to make water as pure as possible to make it as safe as possible.

It sounds like a rumor to me. If you listen to each and every thing ever said about what leads to cancer of different parts of your body you wouldn't want to do anything, eat/drink anything anymore.

Angela B
When you leave a plastic bottle of water in a hot car the plastic softens a bit and can leech harmful chemicals into the water. I suggest buying your own water bottle and refilling it. Most new plastic items have been altered to not include the toxic chemicals from the old ones.

they say that from the bottle breaking down and getting into the water but i dont know how true it is. i drink water thats been in my car a long time

Tania Y
no it not safe. i got sick from it and it had bacteria. you need fresh un open water everytime. what i do is recycle the water on my plants outside.

Yes, a bottle of water can leak poison into your water at room temperature. But not all plastic bottles are dangerous only the ones with the high numbers on the bottom such as 6 or 7. Find a clear none colored bottle of water that has a low number such as 1 or 2.

The chemicals in the water can cause breast cancer. But don't worry about it. Because you eat lots of foods that don't have chemicals in them.

Sa Via
eww god i doubt it but i hope not....

wait i dont think that first answer is right because cancer isnt a bacterial infection. I dont think it has much to do with bacteria.

According to snopes this is just a rumor. See

Corie S
No, digestive distrest maybe but definately not breast cancer.

This is SPARTA
hmmm... ive never heard about that one. I will edit this later becuase i should find some links on that... sounds more like a rumor to me.

EDIT: here are some links, both claiming it to be false:

There has been a hoax email circulating for some time making this false claim. There have been several questions about this recently, so I assume the email is doing the rounds again.

No, it is not true.

There are in fact a number of myths circulating about plastic water bottles causing cancer.

These links give the facts behind these rumours/hoaxes about plastic water bottles and cancer:


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