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Does cancer have an odor?

Montu K
no cause its an internal disease

No. But it affect your smell buds and you can smell certain odour even when they are not arround you.

Hmmm. Let me check.

Nope. That's just my armpit ....

Advanced cancer does have an oder if it is esophageal, lung, cervical, head and neck, etc. Confined cancers limited to the abdomen do not usually have oders.

Christine M

No cancer itself doesnt have a smell, but people who are sick do. Does that make sense???! My Mum had stage 4 incurable terminal kidney cancer that basically spread thru her body and she did have a 'smell'. it wasnt unpleasant it was basically because her organs where shutting down and basically 'rotting' on the inside. Very nasty disease, very strange question but hope it helps.

It depends on the type, location and severity of the cancer. Cancer can often times cause necrosis or "rotting" of the area affected. This can lead to a odor sometimes of a rotting scent.

Perhaps not too humans but I suspect dogs can smeel or detect certain types of cancers. I have heard of a number of cases and in my particular instance our dog acted quite differently with myself, months before I was diagnosed with having cancer. I didn't realise it then but looking back he was more clingy, in that he would constantly be by my side and stay close to me even when my wife was in the room, whom he would nearly always gravitate to in favour of myself prior to my cancer.

So I suspect cancer does have an odour and dogs have an ability to sense this type of ailment. In fact, I have read that dogs were being used to smell / detect cancer in certain patients. The following article may be of interest;

Not to the human nose.
However, there have been some studies that dogs have been able to detect cancer from dried skin or urine. The clinic claims a 99% accuracy.

Peter K
Apparently dogs can be trained to detect certain types of cancer.

yes, it has a strong distinct smell to it, you can normally smell it first through a bowel movement it will or can smell sweet/ fruity, or sour/strong.

cancer doesn't have a distinct smell. cancer are tisues of certain organs that are abnormally growing fast. these cancer cells usually outgrow their blood supply. if this happens, the tissues that do not have blood supply will die. this will cause the bad odor that we smell from patients with cancer. the smell of rotting tissues.

not that I've every noticed.....however, I have a cat that either smells or senses something, becaue every time my cancer has returned, he suddenly gets extra "lovey" and is constantly on me or near me and pretty much won't let me out of his sight, when I am home with him.....it's the weirdest thing I have ever seen, but he's been right every time!!!!

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