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 What is stage 4 colon cancer?
I just found out my cousins had surgery for tumor in his colon that is probably cancer and probably stage 4, they also had found spots on his liver. What is the prognosis if this is cancer and it ...

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under my jaw on the left side, i feel a bump and when i grab it its pretty big
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are boys can have bress ...

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 Why people with lung cancer die faster then other cancer patiants? Thank you?

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 How often should i get a check up for cancer?
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 Is it true that coffee gives you cancer?
i heard it somewhere is all, but dont know if its true....
Additional Details
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 My father has stage 4 small cell lung cancer.?
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 I heard something about moles and cancer being related, is there any truth in that?
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Do men have a greater risk to get colon cancer?

yes they do it is higher risk in men then women even though women can get it to

Yes, it's more hereditary in males than it is in females.

jane d
anyone can get colon cancer.

essentially the same for men and women


answer my ? n keep it going lol
i dont ******* kno ask the damn doctor


Yes they do. Colon cancer risk is mainly age related, and only peripherally gender related. The risk of males getting colon cancer is nearly identical to the one of females being a full 5 years older. This means that at the same age, men have a substantially greater risk of getting colon cancer than women.

Keep in mind that this overall risk is extremely low. For a men 50 years old or a woman of 55 years old, the risk is only 0.06%. For a man of 60 years old or a woman of 65 years old, the risk rises to 0.14% (still extremely low).

Please note, per several contrarian doctors colon cancer is becoming overtested in the U.S. This is in good part because the risk that a colonoscopy procedure perforates your intestine (a really bad thing) is actually much higher than the colon cancer risk.

In view of the above, even if you are a man I would not get a colonoscopy asap. First, I would research my family history to assess what is the urgency of taking such an invasive test.

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