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becky d
Death from chemo?
can u die from chemo?


i believe yes, people can die from Chemo.

AS you know, chemo is a type of treatment use to kill, cancer cells, but is also kills other good cells, such as white blood cells. This makes one's very vulnerable to just one simple cold or flu, and their whole body will be very very weak due to chemo.

I see in newspapers, many people die after going through chemo, because of the stress in the body. Imagine your body has 0% white blood cells to fight against infection, how is one body able to sustain long with no antibodies to fight all the bad germs as such. Some people who has a more stronger mentally and physical, may be able to go through chemo, and also depending on the types and the spreading of the cancer cells, how fast, and how far it has spread...

i have heard of a very few people who have had a heart attack from chemo but as i said its not many.i had chemo last year and have had no side effects from it.

Peggy H
I have recurrent bowel cancer after unsuccessful surgery and chemotherapy 18 months ago. Surgery has left me very weak and further chemo will probably do nothing now for me except weaken my battered body more. There has to come a time when you say no to further chemo even if it offers a slim chance of survival. It's important to know when the remaining quality of life becomes more important than long term survival. I know if I had chemo now I would probably die quickly from all the side effects.

That depends on how much is given, I mean how many courses are given. Every time a course of chemo fails to get the required effect it makes you weaker and weaker and eventually problems start to occur with body organs.

Dr Frank
Chemotherapy is quite toxic, it is used because the chemicals chosen give an acceptable balance between risk and benefit. However on occasion it can result in death, often due to immune or bone marrow suppressive effects.

Bot of a strange question, but yes, I believe you can. A good friend of my mum had breast cancer several years ago which she was treated for but it came back about 18 months ago. It had just begun to spread but had come to a halt as she had come to the end of a course of chemo. As she was being treated privately and there was still a significant amount of cancer there, the hospital decided to give her an extra session of chemo but she died very soon afterwards. The post-mortum after she died apparently indicated that it was likely to have been the extra chemo that killed her, her body just wasn't strong enough to take it.

That said, I'm not a doctor, she did have cancer and you know how hearsay always distorts the truth so I may be wrong...I can only go from what I've heard!

Now onto cheery things.....!!

Yes, you possibly can.
it just depends on how your body reacts to the type of chemo they give you.
remember, chemo is basically poison that they pump into your body...it not only kills the cancer cells, it pretty much kills off everything else.
the doctors monitor your condition though, they wouldnt let you just die, they would stop giving it to you i'm sure
my brother has been through chemo three times in 4 years and one round almost killed him...
he has permanent kidney damage now...
but, if you do have cancer...that is just a risk you have to take...dying from cancer or having damaged kidneys for example...

Yes, but you will eventually definitely die from the cancer, so it's better to try the chemo and have a chance.

If the wrong dose is given, there was a case in the news not so long ago,

My sister had Chemo and she's fine now.

tiny Valkyrie
Absolutely. Chemo is controlled poisoning that kills just about any healthy cell, not just cancer cells.

The dosage could be miscalculated, it could react with a drug you're already taking, or a person could just have a fatal reaction to some drugs.

Platinum based chemo drugs like Cisplatin are the worst offenders.
It nearly killed my mom and it DID kill my friend's aunt.

Some chemos can cause other types of cancer. my friend was on chemo for a brain tumor and got a type of blood cancer from the chemo. it happens.

Jim C
of course you can if the dose is wrong it's as dangerous as any other medication

chemo not only kills cancer cells but also healthy cells
that is why your hair falls out and there are other changes to the nails and skin etc.
after chemo is finished the healthy cells regenerate and over a period of about 6 months your hair grows back.
chemo doses have to be monitored carefully as in any medication administration as it can cause adverse reactions or your body cannot tolerate it. chemo also consists of a combination of drugs
EX: you could have 4 treatments of adriamycin and cytoxin for 4 treatments every other week followed by toxol for 4 treatments every other week
it lowers your red blood cells and white blood cells so you have to have blood tests before each treatment to monitor for anemia and the risk of infection but most treatments include an injection the day after each treatment such as neulastra to boost your blood cell count
certain medications can cause heart damage as adriamycin so before starting on this med a simple heart scan called a Mugga scan is done to be sure the is no heart problems.
chemo can also cause leukemia later in life but when you have cancer it is worth the risk to do anything you can to prevent it from returning.
of course there is no guarantees anywhere in life but it is better than doing nothing and later on saying I could have would have should have

life is a risk you can die from crossing the street
each person has to evaluate what is best for them,weigh the risks of either having chemo or not and move on to make their lives the best it can be

Az R
Yup. Chemotherapy for cancer, depending on which one can be a little dangerous. People do die, rarely thank god. The problem is, a whole hell of a lot more of them die without it.

In extremely rare cases, chemotherapy can lead to a second cancer, and everyone who undergoes chemotherapy is made aware of this before they agree to the treatment.

Sometimes relatives of people who die from cancer, understandably distraught and looking for explanations, blame the treatments rather than the disease for the person's death. And so rumours and hearsay about chemo killing people get about.

You can die while doing nothing.

Yes, and from tylenol, oxygen, apple sauce and everything under the sun. Chemotherapy can be very toxic of course, but far more people die from cancer than from the therapy... far, far, more. Did I say far, far? I meant far, far, far, far, far...

Having said that, if you ever had to take chemotherapy you would certainly want a qualified somewhat obsessive doc looking over your orders to make sure no mistakes were made. You would also want your doc to be well acquainted with you and your history, so as to be aware of potential pitfalls during treatment.

God bless, best wishes

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