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Red 7
Can you tell from a blood test if you have cancer?
I am really scared I could have cancer due to being extremely tired all the time, and having sudden pains, drs. want to do different ultrasounds, for cysts and tumors but I don't have insurance so I pay cash, don't know much but wondering if I should get a blood test also?

Natural healer
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Call Me Babs
Ask for a ca-125. I was told it's the same test they conduct on men suspected of having prostate cancer. Ask your doctor about it and how much it'll cost. It should cost just under $100.00, but don't hold me to the cost. Good luck.

No, a blood test alone can't tell you if you have cancer. You really should get tested for cysts or tumors, along with a blood test. Just talk to a doctor about your symptoms and figure something out. Just because you are tired and have pains doesn't mean you have cancer. I wouldn't worry too much. Just see a doctor and you should be OK.

Usually cancer is detected from a blood test. What happens when you have cancer is your white cell count goes way down. so doctors with other information (you being tired, sudden pain etc) and a blood test with a low white count can determine whether you need more blood tests or not, but it does not necessarily mean you have cancer because there are numerous reasons for a low white count or even an elevated white count. So if it were me, I would get a blood test and if you don't have insurance and can't afford it there are some benefits, as well as hospitals, that help people without insurance so I would also look into that.

Yes, there are all kinds of cancers and each have a different kind of blood test. But they are working on getting insurance companies to pay for doing a blood panel on every patient's annual exam that will test for all kinds of cancer and only supposed to cost $80 or so. So ask for this kind of test... that will test several kinds of cancer. If your doctor is unsure about what you are talking about, go to an oncologist.

A blood test can detrmine if white cells are on the increase and higher than they should be-if higher than normal means body is fighting infection which could be cancer but also a lot of other things that are not dangerous. Since you do not have insurance going to doctors firs and then being referred to clinic or Hospital where they do the tests is awfully expensive and you are paying the doctor, the clinic or hospital and all the people involved in giving and so on the tests. Perhaps you should have a bloodtest done to check for EPSTEIN-BARR virus for it makes one extremely tired with strange pains off and on-you do not say where the pains are.Also I would try this if I had no insurance-did this for got tired of going to doctors and then having to wait days sometimes weeks before the test could be done. went to Emergency Room of the Hospital for know they have all the equipment and latest machines to do the test that will tell them the most instead of this test and then that test and so on and you'll not be paying the doctor all the time. Usually they will do what's required(tst wise) to dtermine what is causing your symptons. There are hospitals that do not turn people away if they have no insurance and most Emergency will not but just in case they will tell you where you can go-you may want to call and just ask about it first the hospitals in your area. Good Luck and hope its simple like the Epstein Barr Virus-had it and was found by a bloodtest-was so tired always after mid morning-gave me series of shots to heighten my immune system and now fine. Do a search under causes of being very tired-medicallyGood Luck.

It depends on the type of cancer. Some, like leukemia CAN be detected in a blood test, and others can't.

as many said it depend on the type of the cancer (leukemia) but in general u need more than a test to diagnose a disease in in many cases tests used to confirm not diagnose so it needs signs and symptoms and how is the test accuracy and the ratio of positive and negative predictive value .


Kristin C
There are some blood tests for tumor markers like CEA for colon cancer and ca 125 for ovarian cancer. A CBC could indicate if you had a blood cancer like leukemia. The tumor markers are fairly expensive and even if positive, you would have to undergo more testing to determine the extent of the cancer if one should come up positive. It may not be cancer, so you may want to see if you can somehow afford the ultrasound. Some hospitals (if you get the test done there) will work with people who are uninsured and may discount the rate of the ultrasound or other scanning tests.

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