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Can you scare me into quitting smoking?cancer patients please help?
I KNOW i need to quit-but cant seem to, I have a supportive family so I've got the "good cop" covered,could you please give me some gruesome reasons to quit and play "bad cop"
Additional Details
this stuff is great -I'm starting the patch in the morning and will read your answers when I need a boost of help...and to the guy who wondered if my pic was me-yes and thanks for calling me cute!

my aunt smoked and she got throat and lung cancer they had to take her voice box out she had a hole in neck that drained gross stuff out she had to have it covered in one hand she hand an oxygen tank the other hand a machine she used to talk through every one stared at her you it didn't end there

Wow! I hope someone can come up with a genuine scare to cause you to quit. I can only tell you the obvious - it's a killer, and that woud be enough for me to know. But apparently not enough for you. I would call on God, the Father as well. He just might be able to help you more than any of us if you could trust Him to do it. That takes real faith though. But if you think you have that kind of faith, I would try it. God bless and keep you friend.

I don't think anyone can reason or scare someone out of smoking if they do not want to stop . . or even if they want to stop. I don't think that you can do it on your own. It is probably too late. Anyway, not much anyone can do . . so, instead, I will tell you a story by Stephen King (Quitters, Inc) that I always think about when someone says they can't stop smoking.

King tells the story of a man who wanted to stop smoking. A friend advises that he go to Quitters, Inc where they absolutely guarantee that he will stop smoking forever, or else. They have a 98% success rate. So, he calls the service and signs up. Seems that Quitters, Inc was established by a gangster who died from lung cancer and left all his money to save others from cancer. He meets with his 'councelor' who tells him that if he does not stop smoking than they will cut off one of his fingers. If he continues to smoke than they will start on his family. At first the man does not believe that this will happen, but just as in any Stephen King story . . the man slips up and sure enough they wack off his finger. Skip ahead a year later and the man and his wife are happily having dinner at home . . he has lost his finger and she is missing a finger too. She's as happy as can be and says it was worth it to get him to stop smoking. The look on the man's face is priceless. :-D

there are dead insect parts and bird poop in cigs, the tobbacco isn't washed, good luck-

My grandmother died from emphysema. It was really a shame because she was only 56 and had a whole lot of life. Do your family a favor and don't smoke.

cassiepie, your pic...if that's you...is cute! You want to lose that? Keep smoking. Keep filling your lungs with that foul stench and chemicals. You know one of the worst things about smoking?? You could breathe in LESS chemicals if you wrapped your lips around your car's exhaust pipe and took a big deep breath!!
Smokers are disgusting. They stink, their breath stinks, their clothes and homes stink...their lungs turn black, and they need help to breathe when they're older.
Some people are lucky and don't seem to get sick. Most smokers get bronchitis constantly, because smoking destroys the cilia and mucous layer that protects you from airborne pathogens.

Here's one that's offensive....only stupid people smoke. You know what happens to you, but you don't care. Too bad. It's also a shame that you have to have that four inch confidence booster in your hands all the time to make you feel special. You're special without that damn thing!!!
Do yourself a favor and stop smoking. It'll be especially hard to do around your friends...smoking is very much a SOCIAL disease. Tell them no thanks...you'll thank yourself later.

Don't ruin such a cute face - stop smoking ;-)

Sandra C
Perhaps you should attend some funerals. Check the paper and see if they are giving to the cancer or heart and lung and go to the funeral and watch all the people. Stop thinking about yourself. Think of how what you are doing will effect others.

I gave the eulugy at my mother-in-laws funeral a few months ago. She quit smoking....3 months before she died. She wanted to make a "deal with God" but it was too little too late. He doesn't make deals. He give you things to live for, YOU are making the choice.

Try watching someone tell their kids their mom is dead. I had to tell my husband when his mom died...our marriage is ending now..he blames so much on me ..kill the messenger the saying goes....you see how much more it effects others lives???

Do everyone a favour and make the choice now...or apologize to everyone you love and make your mends with them..if they ask why...tell them you are killing yourself.....because you are...

I hope this wasn't too easy on you.

I pray you have the mind to make a good choice. There are people who love you and will miss you.

Within 24 Hours of Stopping Smoking...

· Your blood pressure may be closer to normal, possibly even normal

· Your pulse may drop to normal

· Your hands and feet may be warmer

· You may be at a lower risk for a heart attack

Within One Week of Stopping Smoking…

· Your sense of smell and taste may improve

· Your bronchial tubes may relax

· You may be less short of breath

Within Three Months of Stopping Smoking…

· Your lung capacity may increase by one third

· Your circulation may improve

· Your stamina may increase

FACT: Did you know that if you smoked one pack a day, you took 70,000 puffs a year on nicotine?

FACT: Did you know that 400,000 people die prematurely because of the effects of their smoking habit?

FACT: There are about 4,000 different harmful chemicals in tobacco and many are toxic, cause cancer or damage cells. They include acetone (used in nail polish remover), ammonia (found in dry cleaning fluids), arsenic (deadly poison used in insecticides), benzene (cancer-causing solvent used in chemical manufacture), and formaldehyde (cancer-causing liquid used to preserve dead bodies).

The one girl I truly loved in college died of lung cancer. She was 24 years old and had been smoking since she was 14. Someone out there loves you very much and their lives will never be the same without you. Quick smoking for you and those you love.

Robert H
Nobody can scare you enough to make you quit. Go to a hospital and see the patients who are fighting smoking-related illnesses every day and night. Not just cancer patients, but those with emphysema, too. If you truly enjoy dying not being able to breathe fully and deeply, want to go out hairless and throwing up for the last few months, and don't mind checking out 10-15 years early, go ahead and keep smoking.

David W
Quitting smoking is a great opportunity to learn about ourselves, as you have already observed.
Congratulate yourself on having the desire to stop - then you are over the worst, but still need to maintain your resolve. It's just so easy to start thinking that just one won't hurt, but it does. Just one achieves nothing except feeling the need for another. Whatever you do, don't have just one. Beware - alcohol will weaken your resolve.
Here's a few home-brewed tips that might be useful.
It's not just nicotine addiction - there are 50+ chemicals in cigarettes. Also the main problem is habit.
We have been used to having body sensations which we translate as 'my body needs something', which we have attempted to satisfy by having a cigarette.
When we try to stop smoking, we still get these 'my body needs something' sensations, and we still feel that we want a cigarette. We have to train our body to be more selective. When we feel we need something, we have to work out what it is that we actually need.
A glass of water is an excellent substitute if nothing else comes to mind, as it helps with the clearance of the toxic substances in our body. Another good substitute is a bag of salted peanuts, used in combination with the water.
Another thing to do is to find an activity which occupies the mind or body. Go swimming - nobody wants to smoke while they are swimming. Slowly, as our body adjusts and translates the 'want something' feelings into something other than cigarettes, then the feelings begin to go away. We know its not a cigarette that the body really needs, because as soon as we've had one we still have the feeling, and want another!
We will have a few bouts of feeling or even being short tempered. We must try to bite our lip, and control; ourselves. Recognise the short temper as being the removal of toxins which are trying to find a way out. They went in through the mouth, and they try to get out that way to. We must learn to keep our mouth closed, and force the toxins out the other way.

After we have stopped for a while we will begin to feel that just one wont to any harm.
All that leads to is a desire for just another one. We must guard very strongly against the desire to have just one.

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