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 If my grandpa is undergoing intense radiation treatment, is it safe to be around him?
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 Need serious answer please regarding Breast Cancer?
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 What do you do when a cancer patient gets the flu?

 Help!!!! Very Scared!!!!?
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 Grandfather is apparently in terminal condition?
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 How do you deal with pain of losing a mom from cancer?
She Had Breast Cancer Stomach cancer and ovary cancer. she fight for 6 years, she passed away on 2/9/08 will the pain every go away?...

 We discovered that my dad has bone and brain cancer?
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 Could I get cancer from freezing a bottle of water?
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 Why someone smokes ciggerate when he know it leads to cancer?
ph 91-9886097379
student ...

 For my contacts and anyone who has helped..?
with questions I have asked about my Mother who was terminally ill. She has passed away peacefully today and I just want to say thank you to all who have helped me, you are much appreciated....

 Is it true that someone can get cancer from getting punched in the arm?

 Why would an oncologist halt lung surgery & send the patient home? is it near the end?

 I feel pain on my rt breast but it has no cysts or lamps, what is it?? the pain at time goes to the arm/back?

Can you have cancer and not know it?
i m curious how do people know they have cancer and why some dont go to the doctor right away while its easy to cure?

Chemo and radiation are two big mistakes people make.

kasandra k
It does not hurt at first. And it does not hurt for a considerable time after that. There need not be any alarm system to make one run to a doctor.


You can have certain types for a long time with no symptoms, If you have any concerns you need to address them with a doctor, Early detection is key for survival.

Yes you can have cancer and not know it. My Dad died of colon cancer,had no systems until it was too late. My husband became sick the end of dec. by the time we ran tests and he had surgery we found out he is in stage 4 which is terminal. We have no idea how long either one of them had cancer before it was found. Thats why some people say its a silent killer

People usually do not know they have cancer, until it is discovered in tests. Some people become sick and don't know what is wrong with them, therefore go to the dr. and after tests, ect..they find out it is cancer. Some cancer's symptoms do not emerge until the cancer is in the final stages, and oftentimes, it is too late for treatment. Can't say this is a for sure reason why some people do not get treatment right away, but maybe lack of medical ins. stops them, or maybe not believe that it is really happening to them. I guess it all depends on the person, and how badly they want to live.

yes you can have cancer and not know it. Cancer isnt always detected by blood tests, you can have colon cancer which isnt usually detected till the 2nd or 3rd stage, or breast cancer. You can have a brain tumor that goes unnoticed until it starts to enlarge and cause other problems. It may seem easy but its still scary not knowing some people would just let it go and see what happens. Some have this belief that if you need surgery to remove the cancer that it will spread more rapidly that is not true.

they simply just don't know they have it=some cancers are silent killers

I am a lymphoma stage 4 patient and been knowingly living with this now for 4 yrs with no treatment. they said i have had this for years and don't now why i am still alive . The only way they new i had it was with a bone & bone marrow biopsy. one Dr didn't think there was any thing wrong and refused to do the biopsy. the blood tests and CT scans still to this day shows nothing. so yes you can have cancer and not know it.

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