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little miss sunshine
Can you get cancer in the feet?
My mom has had breast cancer. And now they'res these tiny little bumps in her feet, like on the top. She got scared that they were cancerous tumors but people say you cant get cancer in your feet. Is this true?

julie d
you can get cancer anywhere but google ganglion cysts and have a look at the pics, they are very common on the tops of feet.

rock princess
i dont kno but im guessing not, it might be an allgeic reaction?

you can get cancer in the anything

You can get cancer anywhere. And cancer spreads all over the body if it metasticises. I'd get it checked out.

What dumb **** thumbs downed this? There is no foot cancer, but there's bone cancer, skin cancer, muscle cancer, leukemia, ect all of which can happen in your feet.

you can get cancer anywhere on your body
its just that in some places its very uncommon

College Student
Yes, you can get cancer anywhere in your body.

cheese cow
yes deffinatly its spreads everywhere and hopefuly they find an offical cure!!!!!! !

You can get cancer anywhere. So yes you can get cancer in your feet. See needs to see a doctor. It could be nothing but better to see a doctor for nothing than ignore something serious

they could be sores i never heard of cancer in you feet

You can actually get cancer anywhere on your body except for the dead parts like hair and fingernails. If your mom has bumps, she should get them checked out.

you can get cancer in your feet. i think it was bob marley (correct me if i'm wrong!) who had a cancerous toe but refused to get it cut off because he was rastafarian. he died from it.

Sena M
Yes definately talk to a doctor

you cant GET cancer everywhere but it can SPREAD!!!! go to a doctor

YES, you CAN GET cancer ANYWHERE... Even your ears.

you can get cancer in ur feet and ur in more of a risk because mom had cancer u should consualt a docter and ask them

☆Miranda☆ says.........
ya u can get it just about anywhere

sorry to hear about your mom :-(

see a doctor about her feet

people can develop cancer anywhere and at any age. i hate cancer i wish nobody had to deal with this horrible disease.god bless your family

it could be if its cancer in the bone. breast cancer can move to the bone, have her go to the doctor, get it checked out, dont wait.

you can get cancer anywhere. technically, it won't be "foot cancer" but it could be a cancer of the bone, muscle, or another tissue. it could also be a plethora of other things (example: acne, calcified fat, etc), some of which are no big deal.

she should go see her doctor ASAP- worst case scenario, it is cancer and you catch it early, decreasing the amount of negative health effects.

you probably can get cancer in your feet. cancer spreads so your mom should talk to her doctor.

by feet cancer i guess it can refer to anything the cancer has taken over the feet has- Bone, Skin, Blood, Marrow etc etc

Eddie R
Yes definately talk to a doctor

you cant GET cancer everywhere but it can SREAD!!!! go to a doctor

You can get cancer pretty much anywhere. Especially if you have had one type of cancer and it has moved to another part of the body. It also may have something to do with possibly chemo that she has went through. The reactions or side affects to it or swelling. Have her talk to her doctor.

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