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Can skin cancer kill you?
My mom has this rash on her leg and they think that it might be skin cancer. Does skin cancer kill you?

yes. but dont diagnose urself it could just be a rash. Skin cancer is a major disease. Dont scare urself

cancers like anything else come in different stages.....depending on the stage its on that is what matters

Katie K
it can, any cancer has the possibility of killing you. But there are lots of cureable cancers.

If it is a true rash, it is not skin cancer. Living in Australia we have the highest rate of Skin Cancer in the world and I have a yearly check up with a specialist, which are covered buy our government medical plan to pick up any changes if applicable, as Skin Cancers can grow in low visibility places, such as your scalp or behind your ears as they are exposed to the sun regularly. Skin Cancer will not necessarily kill if picked up early, but it is very, very deadly. I would advise people of all ages to have regular checks, not tan and do not use tanning beds as they are more harmful than the sun.

melanoma, a type of skin cancer, can indeed kill you, but melanoma doesn't look like a rash. I suspect your mom has what is called basal cell carcinoma and that is easily treated.

linda mary w
ive had skin cancer for four years,i first had a mole on my back it was melanoma,ihad to have an opp,left 40 stiches since ive had several small moles removed,when you say "rash" what your mum got , i havent heard about any skin cancer like that,sorry and whos "they" said they think its cancer?i went to my doctor straight away,and was sent to the hospital on the same day,im still having checkups every 3 months i was once a sun worshipper,but NO MORE i hope your mums ok x

Susan C
Depends on the type, but yes some can...

It certainly can be lethal.

Nic O
yes it can kill, but if you catch it quickly enough it won't. You're sounding a bit overdramatic because skin cancer usually isn;t a rash, but tell her to go to the dermatologist just in case. It could be the harmless keratosis pilaris.

if it's maligant: meaning if it's growing it's bad
hope fully it's benign: meaning neutral if so it's a good thing
wish u the best of luck 4 u and ur mom

Well I think that any kind of cancer can kill you
so maybe she should just have it removed my grama had it once but she got it removed shes cancer free she died but not from that
good luck

yes it can kill you if not treated and has already had it for a long time but a rash doesnt actually mean its cancer it could be somthing else or just a rash!

Heather C
Nonmelanoma skin cancer is usually treated with minor surgery to destroy or remove the affected skin. Treatment for early-stage cancer is successful 90% of the time. 3

Follow-up treatment includes frequently examining your skin for changes and regular exams by your health professional.
Can nonmelanoma skin cancer be prevented?

You can prevent nonmelanoma skin cancer by avoiding overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. UV rays from artificial sources, such as tanning beds or sunlamps, are just as dangerous as those from the sun, so it is important to avoid these sources as well.

yes, eventually it can if not treated.

William Z
Yes it can, it is very deadly. Any little irritation should be checked immediately.

Yes skin cancer can kill you if left untreated as the cells will multiply and can grow inward, The good news is most skin cancers can be cured if caught early as with any disease.

Yes any sort of cancer can kill you left untreated, but skin cancer tends to be very treatable when found early.


yes it can.

Jeffrey P
It depends on the type of skin cancer and the stage of skin cancer. Basal cell skin cancer and some squamous cell skin cancers are not much worse than warts, merely annoying and perhaps disfiguring. (In fact, I have seen warts worse than many skin cancers.) Melanoma on the other hand can, although not always, be a life-threatening type of skin cancer. Certain squamous cell skin cancers can be more serious too. The are a variety off more rare cancers that can affect the skin as well, and generally these can be quite serious. However most skin cancers are treatable.

Any kind of cancer can pose a threat to the body and spread to another part causing death. It is best for her to see a doctor before it metastasizes

Ofcourse.... untreated and un check up skin cancer can have alot of complication.

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, accounting for more than 40 percent of cases. More than one fifth of Americans will develop skin cancer at some point. More than a million Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. Since 1981, the incidence of malignant melanoma -- the most deadly form -- has crept up by about seven percent a year. Skin cancer, mainly melanoma, will kill more than 7,000 Americans this year.
To learn more check out this site:

rashes doesn't automatically mean cancer and yes skin cancer can kill you if not treated.

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