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Can my children be around my father if he is receiving Chemo treatments after they get routine immunizations?
He has bile duct cancer and receives treaments every week. He has 3, then a week off and then 3 more. My daughter is receiving 6 and 8 month shots.
Additional Details
I am fully aware that my children are safe around my father. I am sorry to confuse anyone. My question is there any harm to my father (who is receiving Chemo) if my children just received their regular scheduled immunizations (they are not sick)!

chemo therapy is your body's way of flushing all toxins out of your body. the object of chemo is to get as much of the cancer out even if you are getting the good stuff out too. therefore there is no real physical illness that your husband can pass on to your kids. i was around my mom the entire time she was having chemo and i never got sick. it all has to do with flushing out their body, its not an actual illness that is contagious.

Cancer is not contagious. Your children can certainly be around your dad with or without immunizations.

Yes your kids can be around him. I have known plenty of people with cancer and going thou chemo and kids have been around them. You can;t get cancer from them or get sick from them just because they are on chemo. Ask your Dr he will tell you the same .. Sorry to hear about your father having cancer. My brother inlaw has it in his leg and lungs stage 4 .. He only has 6 months to a year...:(

yes... the radiation they use is localized and unless he gets a peice of plutonium lodged in him somewhere he is no danger to anyone

I've been through chemo and what i have been told is this: People undergoing chemotherapy need to be careful when being around people who are sick. Sometimes, chemo can cause low white cell counts and this means the patient will be at risk for acquiring infections that could be serious (i.e catching the flu from someone can more easily turn into pneumonia for someone who's immune system is impaired). So, if your kids are healthy, there should be no problem. Find out if your fathers white blood cells are not too low (if they are then he should keep visitors to a minimum to prevent infection). There is really nothing your father can transmit to them (except obviously if he has a cold or something else contagious).

Great question. I wish I could help more other than advise to call the oncologist's office & ask. There really is no better place to get the right answer.

i am not sure about chemo therapy but i know you are supposed to stay away from someone with radiation therapy for a few days.

As a chemo patient, I was told to avoid kids. There's too great a risk that children are incubating, or have been exposed to other kids who have something contagious.

You could get some disposable masks and make a sort of game of it. But really, I wouldn't risk your dad's health.

Any infection to a chemo patient can be life threatening. That's what the hospital told me.

Pam H
As long as they don't have a cold or any sign of illness they can be around him. The threat would be more for him than them. Chemo will compromise his immune system and any illness could become serious (deadly).


When the blood count is low, he cant be around the children for 2 WEEKS after shots!!!!!!!!!

His immune system is very weak, and he CAN get sick from being around the children after shots. PLEASE, talk to the doc before you let him around the children!!!!!!

The only danger to your father would be if the child is immunized with a live virus (chicken pox or MMR). Talk to the childrens' doctor before any immunizations are given. Perhaps if it's one that is transmittable then it could wait until your father's immune system is back to normal.

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