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Can medical insurance drop you if you get something serious like cancer?
My father was admitted to the hospital (last week) the day after we received medical insurance. I know medical insurance can drop you if you didn't list a previous (diagnosed) illness in the history report. We just found out last week, my father has cancer. Here's a little history: About a year and a half ago, my father lost a lot of blood in his stool. He went to the doctor and the doctor said he had hemorrhoids. With that being said, my dad went on with his life. About two months ago he started having pain in his abdomen and lost 20-30 pounds within those two months without reason. He went to the doctor again. The doctor felt his abdomen and suggested he be admitted to the hospital right away. He thought it was cancer and it was (later we found out). No one had any idea he had cancer. With all of this being said, can medical insurance drop him from his plan?

legal no they can't. if any condition is known to be pre-existing, then there is a 2 year wait for coverage. most insurance companies are out to screw you. its worth challenging the company with an attorney to show the effective date of the policy and the doctor reports showing the date of discovery. known that it can cost in the hundreds of thousands for treatment, they will try everything they can. by using an attorney plus suing the company for discrimination. there have been cases like yours the companies were sued, lost and had to pay large amounts to whats called bad faith conduct. and they blame it on others these days. if they settled in good faith we wouldn't need to sue and have large attorneys fees. my heart goes out to you and go after them. best of luck.

no it's medical insurance....life insurance companies can drop you for not informing them of pre-existing conditions but medical insurance is for medical reasons.

It could depend on how they define "pre-existing condition". If your father knew something was wrong but didn't indicate it on his application, he could be dropped.

Doc. justasinner111

If what you say is true, the answer is no. Of course, the goal of the insurance company is not to pay. I should know. Last July, my surgeon's fee for my surgery was 98,000. That was only for him. The rest added up to an amazing amount of money. The only thing I had going was that my husband is union and that makes it hard to hassle the patient. They have paid all of my bills with a grim look on their faces, I am sure. You may be contacted regarding the matter. My suggestion, since I've been ill for 28 years, is to explain the facts and that no diagnosis of cancer was made at any time. In fact, you need to sign off that the insurance company be privy to the doctor's notations, which will back up your formal statement. If no diagnosis was made formally on paper, then the answer is NO. But here is a caveat: Insurance companies have now been doling out so much money that they are getting tired of it and have a nasty little habit of putting a lifetime "cap" on what a person's benefit can be. For example, my Father became ill in 1988. By the time it was said and done, he'd reached the 2 million dollar cap and then he was cancelled. And he wasn't old enough to receive Medicare. So, he gambled. He let himself be an experiement in return for free health care. Well, he made it and has been "terminal" for 18 years. In August, he gets Medicare but no one would cover him all these years because he spells liability to them. Forget that he is a human being. Does your father have Medicare back-up? I wish the best for your Father and your family. They can't cancel him. They might try to intimidate you (they tried that number on me) but don't back down. Tell them you know the law. There could not have been a pre-existing condition unless it was ON PAPER. If you need any further information, I'd be glad to help you. Not only am I sick this long 28 years, I also am a Certified Paralegal with a focus on elder care abuse and insurance company fraud (fraud against the patient by lying) and a Reverend. If all else fails, I pray. I just prayed that your Dad would survive and that this insurance comapnay will not be a bother to you as you are traumatized enough. In His Service, Aria

Bastet's kitten
Legally the insurance can't drop you, but it would be a good idea to check your policy. Some insurances have a sort of probation period during the first 90 or so days of coverage where the company won't cover certain major things. The companies do that so that if someone lied about having a preexisting condition, the person can't suddenly pop up with a major medical problem that the insurance would have to cover.

Also, some insurances have a yearly cap, meaning that the insurance will only pay so much per year. It would definitely be a good idea to call your insurance company anyway, because most insurance companies have coordinators who can help you find doctors who accept your insurance. With your father having cancer, he is going to have to see a bunch of specialists and have bills out the wazoo. An ethical insurance company employs coordinators who help their policy owners navigate the maze of claims and red tape.

maybe it depens on the plan. They usually have a period of time after you get insurace that they can drop you if something serious happens. I hope your dad gets better.

Bill S
Yikes... it depends on how what the underwriting questions were and how you answered them. If you answered every question honestly - no splitting hairs - you should be fine. If you failed to disclose his treatment - including that the doctor recommended that he be admitted - you may have the policy rescinded as if it never were issued - if that sort of information had been requested.

You may also find that a pre-existing conditions exclusion could be applied. That covers "what they didn't ask about but you knew about it" for a limited time period after the policy is issued. That can be reduced by coverage he may have had immediately before buying the new policy (if he had one).

They WILL investigate this claim - no question about it.

Don't roll over and let them dictate to you - they need to prove that they have the right to take the coverage away. If they come after the policy, appeal to the state insurance department, although if the misrepresentation (if there is any)is blatant, they won't be able to help.

Screaming and threatening will absolutely NOT help, if it comes to that.

Insurance policies have certain conditions that they will not cover for a specified (exclusionary) period. It will be in your father’s contract. If you are confused about anything call a lawyer. If you don’t have money for one, try legal aid (links below). You might try looking into support groups for cancer patients. Some of these organizations will provide financial assistance. Needy Meds (link below) is an example. You can also contact your state insurance department to find out about your rights (link below). But if one of the exclusionary waivers mentions cancer, chances are your father will be without medical insurance in this matter.

I hope he gets well.

Barnes @ MostChoice

☼Jims Brain☼
In some cases,Yes. Just be sure to read ALL of the fine print.

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