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 Brain cancer! how deadly is it?
My friend was just diagnost with brain cancer. she had breast cancer 5 yrs ago and had a radical masectomy. is currently being treated for bone cancer but it under controll and was just diagnosted ...

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 How much longer will she live?
My great aunt has metastatic cancer (stage IV) and was diagnosed about a year ago and is under treatment but still very sick, she has loss of apatite, and is sick. About how much longer will she live?...

 I almost 17 and think i might have breast cancer.. it has been in my family for years.?
I have a lump or something on the side of my left breast, like where an underwire part is of a bra. Breast Caner has been in my family twice that i know of and they have both died of it. The thought ...

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in the foreign schools and universities they are studying in their own languages . i think so they can understand well by studying in their own languages. but here in india in the universities we are ...

 Does miracle happen?like a danger illnesss remove by itself & person well again?

 Remission? what does it actually mean?
having had breast cancer 3 years ago am i in remission, my hospital has never used this word to me.
Additional Details
thankyou to everyone and good luck to you all ...

 Baby with eye cancer?
My pastor's son is only a 1 year old and he has eye cancer.

His parents found out that he has 20 tumors in his eye and his parents have a hard decision to make:

1. either ...

 Is it true that cell phones give you cancer?

Additional Details
I've just heard people say things like this but I don't understand how that could really be possible....

 Is any Cancer transferable through blood transfusions?
Serious question. Please only answer this if you know for sure. Thanks....

 Boyfriend and i broke up, then his dad passed away.?
i still care very much for him, and the reason we broke up was because of his dad. i know i say that like it was his fault, thats not what i mean.

okay, well i'm seventeen, his name ...

 Is there ANYthing positive about smoking hash over a long period of time? serious answers only.?
There is a lot of bad stuff that was said about it like it gives ye cancer , lowers your spearm count, bruns your brain cells , but drinking and smoking does that anyhowz? Is there nothing good to be ...

 If left untreated, how long can a person live with testicular cancer?
There's nothing wrong with me, I just wondered, what if you never knew you had it until it was too late?...

 Does drinking milk cause cancer?
Heard it from one of my friends...I never heard of it....

 What is the cure for cancer?

 Help with dealing with terminal Cancer?
I am suffering from terminal lung cancer, even though I've never smoked. I am sixteen years old and am scared of dying. Help me....

 How do you know you have cancer?
they always say that people die because they didnt find out they had cancer soon enough, but how do you know you have it. if you have diareah, you know it because your stomach hurts, but what are ...

 100 years ago, how many people had cancer, leukemia, allergies?
i would think it's pretty low, but iwhere to get official data?...

 How can doctors tell somebody they have got 48 hours to live?
How do they know this?

My Dad's ex was taken into hospital on Wednesday and given 48 hours to live.
She has had leukemia and everybody thought that she was doing really well and ...

Can eating burnt food cause cancer?

so they say

haha no!

lori b

girl with a gun
You're confusing it with BBQ grilled food. The smoke contains carcinogens which stick to the meat and then you eat it. It's not in the carbonized part of the burnt meat.

It's actually the melted fat hitting the coals that produces the toxic smoke. Using BBQ sauce increases the collection of the particles. Using tin foil helps cut that down. Or, using an electric grill (but no fun though).

yes it can

I would imagine not if it's just once in a while, but if it's on a regular basis probably.

Yes, if they were prepared over charcoal. Charcoal is a carcinogen. However, you would have to eat them an awful lot to have an effect like that.

yes. burnt food acquires nitrosamines as a by product of burning the chemical proteins of food during the cooking process. It is this nitrosamines that are carcinogenic. One doctor told me to take Vitamin C everytime you are planning to eat burnt food cause it has antioxidants that would help diminish the harmful effects of nitrosamines.

i've heard that from somewhere....

Burnt food is not a possible cause of cancer.

But smoked food is known to cause stomach cancer. So it is good to keep away from smoked food.

Well. I must say it's very possible. meat products specifically.
Meat cooked like shoe leather is going to damage your internal
system sooner of later.

What form of health problems it can create I don't know but
even as children back in 1940's our parents knew overcooked food could psed problems as well as undercooked foods of various kinds.

bet dietician know for sure.

NO we dont know what causes cancer unless you smoke and that is all we know

They say the carbon can potentially cause cancer.

But then there are so many foods that they have made the same claim for, that if we followed ALL their recommendations, we would be eating nothing produced at all. And a lot of natural foods like ocean fish, and red meats, and most fruits (because of it's sugar content).

I maintain that as long as people eat a balanced diet, and get daily exercise, and take care of their mental health by volunteering some of their time every week helping others, that anything else can resolve itself when we die.

The more we love, the healthier we are. Can that be taken away from us, just because we may choose to char our red meat?

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