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rosemarie p
Can chemotherapy patients have contact with children?

Happy Cooker
Why not? It isn't "catching".

its perfectly alright as long as the children are well, if they have and type of infectious diseases. Because a cancer patient has a low immune system a few days after the chemo. Usually 1 week or 2 weeks after treatment it is OK. But chemo patients have to be careful.

yes, in most cases they can. Cancer is not contagious, the only worry would be if the patient has a weakened immune system and the children are sick.

Hope this helps.

the chemo pt should be very careful about toxic body fluids..
no one should come in contact with the pt's sweat, saliva, urine etc.

The issue is not the child getting cancer but if the patient could be susceptible to a contagious illness of the child. So, check with the patient about how he/she feels about it.

Generally, yes.

There is one important exception. If a patient is given a radioactive medication, such as I-131 for thyroid cancer, he or she is not to be near children for several days.

You can be around children, unless your doc specifically tells you not to. Main concern is germs if your levels are low you could get sick. my son has to avoid everyone except people in the house when his levels are low.

Gordon C
Usually yes
My wife had extensive chemo for breast cancer last year and got through more or less normal life looking after our gaggle of kids at home.

You need to remember that for most of the time your immune system is normal when you are on chemo - although it depends on the type of chemo and your doctor or chemo nurse will tell you when your blood counts are likely to be at their lowest. In most cases the lowest time is from ten days after the chemo and for about a week thereafter.

During this "low time" or "nadir period" you should try to stay away from anyone with colds or viral infection. The main concern is things like chickenpox.

At all other times contact with children should be absolutely fine. Hope this helps

My wife blogged about her breast cancer treatment experiences and you can read about it here : http://www.twinkletwinkles.com

Good luck


Generally yes. However, if the child is sick at all, or is young enough to still be getting vaccinations, then they should not be around chemo patients. This is for the safety of the patient, not the child. The chemo severly depresses the immune system, making it very easy to catch germs and bacteria or fungi or viruses. For a healthy person it is no big deal and the body fights it off. For a chemo patient it can be fatal.

Yes Cancer patients can have contact with Children.

Firstly Cancer itself is not at all contagious disease. This disease will not affect or spread to others at all. Secondly chemotherapy is a type of treatment to contain cancer and chemotherapy itself is not a disease. So there is not fear of children getting into any disease on account of this.

But the most important thing is that the patients should not be exposed to outside dangers which will lead to infection. As infection is the important factor for chemo patients in the interest of the patients it is better the chidren do not go near the patient. -

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