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 Are there any side effects from being around someone who has cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation?
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 Is cancer able to be geneticly passed down to me?
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 My 18 Year Old daughter has Brain Cancer?
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 My grandad as stomach cancer and its in is chest and liver?
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 If i have breast cancer but decide to leave it alone, how long will i live?

 How can I support my wife, suffering of breast cancer?
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Can brain tumors go away on their own?

you really need to ask a Doctor

Ken E
Yes. It happened to a girl I knew a long time ago. Her name was Molloy. Of course, there is always the possibility that it was not a real tumor, but at the time the doctors thought it was.

anything is possible

Joachin Murrieta

Only with Divine Intervention, culminated by prayer

not all brain tumors are dangerous....was told after some testing for numbness and tingling that I had a small one ,but told not to worry and that this was a common sort of tumor


cacee ©
No. They need something to treat it. Brain tumors are very tricky. If they interfere with a sensitive part of the brain, the person could have brain problems. Such as becoming what many refer to as a "vegetable" :(

Yes, kinda. I know of two people who had brain tumors who became cancer-free as the result of prayer/meditation/turning their inner lives around. That's the only non-medical cure I've ever heard of for a brain tumor. Is that going away on its own? Well, no, but medicine had nothing to do with it.

Wait and see.

Read the book, Death be not Proud, I forget the author but its about a kid with a tumor and one of his therapies is a healthy diet nothing else, it started to work.

No, not that I know of.
Some religions think that any injury, even brain tumors, can go away just by hoping God will fix it. Although he can, as far as I know he won't. God gifted us with doctors to help us to get rid of the injury (say, a brain tumor), and through them he intervenes with the disease or cancer to berid us of it.
If you have a brain tumor, I hope that you simply won't just rely on God to make it go away. I'm sure he could, but it's not likely.
Good Luck!
I hope I answered your question.

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