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Jennifer L
Brain Cancer..How much longer do u have left to live?
My grampa's doc just confirmed the cancer has reached the bottom of his brain. He has been in a hospital for over a month and just got moved to Home Hospics friday. there is nothing else they can do for him except try and keep him comfortable. I need serious answers only..if u think this is a jokeing matter.. Take ur POST ELSEWHERE
Additional Details
My grampa's cancer started as a cancer spot on the left side of his face. It grew into a tumor and anchored itself into his jaw. that side of his face now is pretty much nothing but an open wound. In May he was supposed to start Chemo for it.. but then things got worse. His blood pressure keeps hitting close to ..and at 200.

The main thing that you need to do is make your grandfather as comfortable as possible. Make his last days here on earth as good as can be.
I had a friend die from a brain tumor and I had another friend go into remission from one. It is all in early detection, if you catch it early enough it can be removed or taken care of.
My friend that died from a brain tumor, he only lasted 3 weeks after the doctors found it. Yet my friend that got checked early, because she was having headaches was able have the tumor removed and chemotherapy given.
She has been in remission for the past 6 years with no occurrences.

how ironic, our electrician who is supposed to be doing all the rewiring in our house just has been diagnosed with brain cancer, family friend , he has been given 1 to 2 years but our hearts go out to anybody who has such a horrible illinness. god bless

It depends on the stage he reached, you did not say so. Some people are lucky to find out at an early stage, they have a bigger chance to live or be cured. It seems that his case is hopeless? If so, the only thing to do is be around him all the time....sorry about what you are going through

so so sorry to hear of your grampa,s illness , i had a aunty with secondery cancer of the brain , and she die with a mouth of finding out . its out of your hands so just give him lots of love

The cancer being at the bottom of Grandpa's brain is inconclusive as to when he will die....it may have started there as well. The fact that he has been referred to Hospice is a sign, though, that the end is near. At this point, the goal is to keep him as comfortable as possible until he passes on. Spend as much time as you can with him. Everyone is unique, and it will depend on his exact form of cancer, where it is, what it attacks, his will to live, etc. I'm very sorry that you are going through this. Give Grandpa big hugs...he's in my thoughts today.

I knew of a woman that died within three weeks of being diagnosed. Give your grampa lots of kisses and make sure he knows you love him.

Usually if someone is placed in hospice care it has been determined they have a life expectancy of 6 months or less. Know one can know the answer of when unfortunately. My husbands first and late wife died of brain cancer after being diagnosed 7 years earlier. And I just lost a sister in law of brain cancer after being diagnosed 4 months earlier. I don't think there is ever a set time. Let your grandpa know how much you love him and savor his time and memories. God Bless

Tina of Lymphland.com
I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. It sounds like it's advancing fast. Usually when they recommend hospice there isn't a long time left, under 90 days, (3 months). What usually happens with cancer is that the person will go into a coma when it reaches a certain point, and they don't wake up, organs shut down and they drift away highly medicated.

Spend as much time with him as you can, hug him, gather up his stories, and learn what you can from him about his childhood, the old days. Those are invaluable things. I wish I had been able to learn those from my grandparents and relatives.

I am a Christian and I will certainly keep your grandfather and you in my prayers. Only God knows how long he will live.

Help is on the way :)
Ok I will help you. You can turn this around but you will have to have the courage and desire.

Start on these steps right away !!!

First 1. call 877-teach-me. and order the free tape and book !!!

2. Order Sam Biser's Book Resurrection at http://www.sambiser.com

3. this one is tough but start him on a juice fast for 30 days .. just buy the juiceman jr for about $50 bucks...

4. Watch this movie !!!
its around $25.00 dollars...

and remember I have seen people with 90% bone cancer Survive !!!

Read this

In our life’s we see people go through alot of pain, where they did not seem to really know where there going, so we searched for answers in health, relationships, and long life success. We went to the depth of the earth for cold hard facts. We care for all people and I want them to know the truth. Well all I can say is Kevin Trudeau is right on track with his books. My research does come from years of looking into the health field and I will say there our many others like Kevin Trudeau that have not come out of the closet maybe because of fear? Here are a few websites for you to look at. I will not give the websites out here but what I will do is give the name of the website and you can go to a search engine and find them right on top.

(The homeostasis protocol), (Sam Biser), (Dr Richard Schultz), (sanoviv) (hippocratesinst)

The success stories of these people are just amazing.

I believe one thing!!! All of these masters on health agree on one thing DO NOT CHASE A DISEASE!!! Because you’ll lose like millions have done already (Death). The way to knock out the disease is to give it an environment that it can’t stand to live in, like a fish out of water. Take care of your self and remember to pass this information on to the people you love and see in pain. Please take care of your self and your love ones. This time on earth is very short for all of us.

Contact me by email when you compleated these steps...


God Bless

Have a Wonderful Day... Keep your head up and don’t quit!!!!!!

I am so sorry about your grandfather. It is impossible for anyone to give you an exact amount of time he has left. However, if he is being cared for by a hospice agency, then his doctor has determined that he has less than 6 months (give or take - you just never know)
Some signs of impending death are:
Decreased eating/drinking
A decrease in urine output
Extremities become cool and dark
irregular breathing pattern
a collection of secretions in the mouth/throat - so that it "rattles"when they breath
I am sorry I can't give you more specific information - no one can.
I wish you the best.

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