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How soon should I go for a mammogram?
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She started to ...

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 Has anybody ever lost somebody to cancer?

 A New Desease All Woman Will Fear. I Was Sent This Email Today. Tell every woman you know, it could saved them
In November, a rare kind of breast cancer was found. A lady developed a rash on her breast, similar to that of young mothers who are nursing. Because her mammogram had been clear, the doctor treated ...

Are there any side effects from being around someone who has cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation?
My sisters husband died 2 mos. ago from lung and throat cancer..Her hair has been falling out and is very thin she has also been very sick..vomiting,headaches,etc. Could this be caused from the cancer treatments he recieved when he was sick? Lana


I would suggest your sister see a doctor but, as far as any side affects, that's not possible, it's not that kind of radiation. She may be suffering from depression or some other disease.

ive never heard that someone else got sick from chemo without getting chemo themselves so i dont think its that but send her to the docs so they can tell her whats wrong. if it aint seriouse shes got all the symptoms of stress

No chemo and radiation isn't contagious.
She needs to go to the doctor to be tested to see why she is sick.

juicyfruit's mom
none....but you could be a danger to them if you are sick cuz their immune system is probably very low

She should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible. Not because she was affected by her husbands cancer treatment, but because something is definitely going on in her own system. No one here can make a diagnosis based on the statement that you made. However, there are no documented cases where anyone from the family has gotten cancer from a family members treatment.

I stayed continuously for 16 months with my son during everyone of his cancer treatments, never left his side and I've had no noticable reaction. I also got to talk with his nurses some of who have been exposed to chemo and radiation for 20 years or more. One nurse told us that when chemo was first introduced that no one wore any protection at all. Today they take many precautions by gowning up and disposing of the empty bags, and staying generally clean. They are far more cautious, but they also work daily around these chemicals for years at a time. If anyones health would be affected it would be the people who work with the medicines.

Have your sister go see her doctor and insist that he get to the bottom of her illness.

Chemo causes hair to fall out, that is one of the side-effects, All these things you mention are. If you are asking if these side effects can effect others around a person going through this, No.

depression can lead to health problems have go see a doctor

No....more than likely, she is feeling a great deal of stress and anxiety from the entire ordeal and the loss of her husband...may not be sleeping or eating as well as she should as a result. More than likely it is the stress and poor nutrition or it could be that she herself is ill. She should contact her physician right away and schedule a full physical to get to the root of this problem....so sorry for your loss and wish you and your sister the best of luck.

There will be no effect on her because he took Chemo. This is more than likely being caused by severe depression. It's not uncommon for you to lose hair and vomit when you have suffered such a terrible loss such as this.

Chemo- highly unlikely, since most chemotherapy is administered through an IV....
Radiation-yes, especially if it was the implanted type. I used to work Oncology in our hospital for several years. We had treated a number of patients with chemo and radiation. The chemo patients we had, we had to use only normal isolation techniques...gloves. With those that had implant radiation, we had to wear a lead vest followed by working behind a large lead apron (it was a sort of small half wall on wheels) and we all had to wear radiation badges, which were collected periodically and checked for amounts of radiation absorbed.
As for your sister, she may have what is called Radiation sickness, or it could just be severe depression from the loss of her husband. Depression has hundreds of symptoms, many of which you mentioned. Have her make an appointment and have a radiation level test done on her to rule out the radiation sickness. If that comes back fine, ask her to seek counseling. Last of all, since she is your sister, let her vent all her anger, frustration, sorrow, etc on you. Right now she needs lots of love and support to get her through this terrible time. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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