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Frank J
Will taking an entire bottle of tylenol kill you or just make you sick?

If you do not get treated, it WILL kill you. Slowly.
Liver failure (NOT kidney failure, NOT stomach bleeding).
Takes several days to die. Uncomfortable and distictly unpleasant.

Avalon von Aldaran
How the heck should we know.Why are you even asking us this question.Don't do anything stupid.

how big a bottle. how long time? If you are that forgetful only buy the small bottles.

Jennifer N
Probably won't kill you, but it will cause severe long term problems with liver/kidneys, perhaps 5-10-15 years down the road.

It is never wise to consider such a thing. Perhaps you would only end up like a vegetable that could think. That would have to be worse than anything you could be going through.

Try praying, or talking to a real Christian.

Um I hope your not thinking of trying this!

It will seriously damage your liver. You probably will not die but you will be very unhappy afterwards.

it will make you very sick and they will lock you up in a mental hospital ===do you really want that?

isaac m
kill u

Most likely you will go to the hospital and have your stomach pumped but too much tylenol will give you severe stomach bleeding. It is not good for you AT ALL!!! If you are contemplating suicide call a friend! And think about all of the people you will be hurting!

It could definetly kill you if you don't get your stomach pumped in time, and if your thinking about doing it or know someone who is get yourself or them help ASAP!

Peezo Puffer
Depends...was it regular Tylenol or Tylenol PM?
Ingesting a large amount of Tylenol once, probably won't have fatal effects, but consumption of large amounts over a long period of time could wreak havoc on your Kidneys. Now, if it was Tylenol PM. . .the immediate effects could be more serious, you may want to seek professional help...soon!

A whole bottle of tylenol will probably kill you, and if it doesn't, you'll probably be on dialysis for the rest of your life. Either way, it's just not cool.

It has the potential to kill you, but chances are it would make you very, very sick. Also, after taking high doses of Tylenol, you end up with permanent scarring of the liver, and permanent damage to the eardrums resulting in tinnitus (continuous ringing in the ears). It is not a good feeling, taking that much Tylenol, and it's not such a good way for cheap things either.

if you take the whole bottle there is that possibility that it could kill you, more than likely just make you sick will also eat up your liver

it is me
drinking too much water at once can kill you

I don't know, never tried it. If you try it and get sick or die, let us know.

Too much tylenol will cause irrevocable damage to your kidneys. Death is never certain, but lots of pain and terrible health are.

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