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Will marijuana effect the liver?

smoke first then you won't care


c r
Actually, no one knows for sure what effects it has on the liver. However there can be some impurities in the weed that can cause problems. this question was answered in the Yahoo question forum on an earlier date.

just the brain

Jeremy D
No but it can make you are really boring and unmotivated person if you smoke too much, too regularly.

if you inject it into your liver, yes, definitely.

I've never heard that it would .

Da Ben Dan
every chemical is metabolized by your liver

thc IS metabolized in the liver BUT the liver isn't able to metabolize it quickly enough so there is also unmetabolized thc released that binds to fat and is re-released into the bloodstream which is filtered by your kidneys into your urine which is why a drug test can be failed for so long after smoking.
Also, I've never heard of or seen liver damage caused from use of MJ but I'm sure there are studies on it. I've mostly heard of lung damage due to THC concentration and the fact that the inhale is MUCH longer and smokers hold it in longer before they exhale (as compared to cigarette smokers) So if you're going to do it, puff, puff , pass a little faster.

Yes, especially pregnant woman. Over all it is bad for everything

Heck NO!

Is your liver the most important part of your body that you will think that only with your liver will you live from smoking marajuana?


The main question would be does it metabolize THC? Or does any of the other compounds in marijuana or the burning of it effect the liver?

From what I understand it is the lungs, and the kidneys to some degree, that performs most of the function of clearing THC, but the liver does it share also, as it must.

However the ones who have smoked long term appear to have no significant liver damage from marijuana. Of course it alters and damages other organs, particularly functions of the brain and lung.

Anyway I think I'll go now and smoke a joint and watch the Flintstones.

All drugs are de-toxified in the liver. As with any other drug, or alcohol, long-term use will have detrimental effects on the liver, including cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc.

no I'm sure it doesn't. Alcohol does tho


Kristina d
no but it affects you lungs at 10x the rate of cigs. it causes birth defects and they can make you fat-with all that why worry about your liver

No. The liver doesn't metabolize marijuana.
You're safe.

The answer above mine is incorrect. Not EVERYTHING is handled by the liver. It would, if you ATE it but I doubt, that is what you were intending.

When you smoke it, the kidneys dispose of it into your urine.

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