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Will i fail a hair test if i took one hit off a bowl about a month ago?

Maybe but not likely.They can actually measure amounts in your system with that so if it did come back it woulkd be so low it wouldn't count as a positive test.Don't do anymore though!!!!!

Brian G
During a hair test it can detect drugs taken within the last 90 days. But there are cutoff levels so if you are below that level your results will be negative. So if you have taken only one hit then more than likely you will test negative. It also depends on how fast your hair grows. If your hair grows slow then you could be safe. You also have to take into consideration that it does take time for the drug to show up in your hair and that can vary depaending on you body metabolism.

Stuff can stay in your system for up to 90 days so it's quite likely.

blip boop
your screwed

depends on the length of your hair.

Narcs can test for THC for up to the day the tip of your hair was produced.

usually they'll acquire about a 60 strands of hair for the tests. and a minimum of about an inch of hair in length. otherwise they'll shave your head if it's too short i think.

i believe an inch of hair is about 3months worth so you go do the calculation.

Probably so. The hair tests shows what you've been doing for like the past 15 tears or so. Now if you'd have done a urine test, it probably wouldn't have. Crack cocaine only shows up in a urine test for 72 hours. Don't know exactly what you smoked!!

If I had to guess, I would say no. But, this website just lists it as "up to 90 days"

Depends on if you cut your hair or not. Either way if you haven't taken a hit since then you should be fine. If you have your screwed

It all depends on hair length. When you took that hit the THC got into the root of your hair and then as your hair grows it moves away from the top of your head and to a point where they can cut it. My suggestion; if your really nervous would be to buzz your head.

Yes it most definitely will.

frank w
yes, hair test can find trace amounts in your system.

Natasha P
No, as long as you have the hair on your head you will pass it unless your on drugs or something of that sort. And let us hope your not. Hope you head isn't hurt to bad. And Hope I helped!


ryan s
yes u will and don't play a Clinton on us what kind of person only takes one hit off a bowl lol but any way yes u would fail it is stored in your hair follicle for 6mo to a year

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