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 Is it ok to take acetaminophen to cure hangover?

 My knee hurts and my dad said that i cant go to the doctors what should i do?
i put ice on it too....

 Ear ache remedy?

 What kind of medicine do doctors recommend or prescribe for bad gallbladder pain?
What kind of medicine do doctors recommend or prescribe for bad gallbladder pain?...

 I'm very interested in eating healthier have any diet ideas ?
I'm open to anything but I'm sick of drive-thru heart attacks and microwaveable diabetes. I'm 17 in good shape in health and am not looking to lose weight. I'm open to anything I&#...

 Does anyone have any home remedies for innsomnia?
I haven't been able to sleep in 6 weeks and am relying on sleeping pills to get a solid nights sleep. Does anyone know of any effective home tricks to help....

 Help! My younger brother got scorched! What can ease his pain?
My younger brother was playing in the sun with some of his friends. Not wanting to be the odd man out, he refused to wear sun screen because his friends were not. Unfortunately, he has sensitive skin ...

 What is your view of chiropractic?
Please share your opinions about chiropractic. Those who have experienced chiropractic firsthand or medical professionals who have worked with them....what were your thoughts?...

 What are effective natural remedies for menstrual pain?
I would like to know what herbal and dietary products are effective in reducing or eliminating menstrual pain. Serious, polite, constructive answers only please.
P.S. If anyone knows of any ...

 I am interested in taking up a little light meditation, where should I start.?
I would welcome all useful suggestions....

 What's the best way to cool the heat from a sunburn?

 What are the benefits o an ORGANIC apple a day? Is it true tht its that good for you?

Additional Details
an organic apple is one grown without toxins....

 Are there any weight loss pills that work????
I do exercise but I just can't seem to get rid of tummy flab so do you know of any weight loss pills that actually work I don't mind taking them as I'm only 5 kilos over ...

 What is the best trement of hair loss?
30 years of age tryed everthing but no help.
What are some alternative medicine that has help someone.
Thanks for ant help....

 Please Help Me, Answer This Please?!!!?
Last time I asked this question, no one answered, please I really need info.I want to try salvia, Ive been told it rocks, but I dont know alot about it.What is the high like?Is it like weed?Does it ...

 Any cures for hair loss yet?
Im running out of time!...

 My friends BF mixes Hydrocotine with alchohal every night!! what will happen to him?
my friends bf has a perscription for this, but he takes more than the usual dose and gets drunk every night and smokes cigarettes. what is he doing to his body? what will happen to him?...

 Are there any vitamins that help to maintaqin a healthy liver?

 Whats the best way to get rid of a boil?

 What are the best things to incorporate into your life to keep your immune system strong?
I've heared of some people going years at a time without as much as a head cold. Just wondering if they're any sworne by excersizes, foods to include in your diet, etc. that keep the cold ...

Will bleaching or stripping your hair help pass a hair follicle test ?

no only time and being free of any drugs can do that all bleach does is open the hair shaft

No I am afraid it want help at all, you just putting even more chemical in or on your hair. The hair test, is hard to pass, havent heard of anyone yet to pass it, that taken drugs.

no nothing will clean up after using drugs.
years after using it will still show up in the test.


No, you can damage your hair that way so dont

The easiest way to pass a drug test, DON"T DO ANY DRUGS!!! It works..every time! 100% guaranteed.

Nope . I have heard that the hair tested comes from inside the root .



No. The follicle itself will not be affected by any bleach or stripping agents. Believe it or not, even the hair shaft itself will still bear the protein markers of any type of chemical agent you may have ingested.

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