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Yeah ok I know that ur not suppost to do drugs..

But I smoked weed for the 1st time the other day..

And now I am looking for a job.. So this means drug testing

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Why isn't marijuana legal?!?!?
marijuana is a natural plant that grows in the ground and its on the same lines as Beer and liquor right!?!?!

the reason it isn't is because of tax purposes and the general availability of the drug itself. And the fact that it mongs you out. People just wouldn't get any work done. And dependent on what mood you are in cannabis can effect you worse than alcohol unless it is used in an effective and good way. e.g. pain relief for keeping in shape, been there, worn the t-shirt and had a near 6-pack in just 3 months.

una borikua al fin!! como stas mami? it isnt legal because the government right now cant control it and cant tax it otherwise it would be. and if anybody says it messes up ur body and mind dont give me that cause booze messes everything up mind and body.and cigarettes give u cancer. and the pills that they give to "better" ur health **** up ur liver so id rather smoke weed than cigarettes though i dont smoke!!

omg. i think that this was on of the best questions i have seen all day babe =]

The U.S. government has not taken the time to, or cant find a way to tax marijuana. Think of the money that could be collected and used for the poor and elderly.I would even smoke MORE to help !!!!!!

Legalizing it would take a ton of money away from organized crime. So they get corrupt politicians to keep it illegal.

no it should not be legal, it messes up the mind and has pshyco properties.

If marijuana was legal don't you think half the world if not more of the world would just be as high as a kite. It doesn't need to be legal to everyone, just to those that have health issues that it might help.

They call me Vegito
mass.brain makes sense, but so does the guy with no name on top. Legalizing it will help weaken organized crime and stop killings

it is in the netherlands

You are already addicted to Yahoo Answers... and you have beer and liquor and cigarrettes. Isn't that enough?

in some places it is legal, people can use it for medicinal purposes, the government would only tax you on it if they did legalise it

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