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David G
Why do so many altmed fantasists also believe in 911 conspiracies?
so many of your wacko sites link to 911 "truth" sites.
Additional Details
aimee: well they have something in common i.e. there is overwhelming evidence against both. Also a lot of altmed fantasists believe there is some sort of conspiracy against quackery by mainstream medicine.

Because they are...obviously...crazy. And to the first answerer: they have a good bit in common.

Peter D
There does seem to be some overlap between anti-government groups and anti-science/medicine groups. I attribute it to paranoia (obviously) and an ignorance brought on by a lack of understand how things work.


"Well there is also a lot of overwhelming evidence for alternative medicine...has been proven in many independent studies from credible sources, for hundreds of years...reflexology."

"...David Icke..."

Hahahahahahhahahahahahahah! That's some good stuff.

old cat lady
I am certainly not into conspiracy theories of any sort.

I don't think any osteopathic sites do.

Osteopaths are likely to be as varied as the general public in whether they beleive in 911 conspiracies.

Personally i don't.
I think the US government was arrogant and stupid enough not to take inteligence seriously but I don't think they set anything up.....

....Or the Israelies either...

Because we don't believe everything we are told in the media {TV News, Internet, Radio, Magazines}. A similar question was asked by Alex F, which was removed since someone reported it.

If you take a logical unbiased attitude to seeing 9/11, you will come to the conclusion that it was an inside job.



If you were to say in 2003, that 'I don't believe Iraq has Weopons of Mass Destruction' then you, by definition would be a conspiracy theorist, {one who refutes/rejects the official story}. Seems like the Conspiracy Theorists are way ahead of the reality you live in.
If you were to say in Nazi Germany that the Reichstag building was burned down by the Nazi party, and not the communists, which history has confirmed, you will be called a conspiracy theorist, a 'wacko', nut job, whatever. There is an old saying:

'History just repeats itself'

'Few are those who think with their own minds and feel with their own hearts.'

because of the evidence for both of these things.

watch 7/7 the Ripple Effect as well

Jen D
I read altmed frequently, and have never, until now, seen ANYTHING about 9/11. (Or, coincidentally (?) a question or answer from this particular questioner.)

Perhaps if one could provide references, the question wouldn't seem quite so bizarre.

Be careful, your ignorance and utter stupidity is showing with this off the wall co-relation you're trying to make. More often than not it is the one who calls others wackos who is the real wacko.

I had a friend completely cured of throat cancer with a very natural alternative medicine. Good thing he's a wacko and so much for that overwhelming evidence you speak of.

(**No chemo, no surgery. He chose alternative medicine specifically to avoid those 2 things)

The two are totally unrelated subjects so I really don't know. But maybe a lot of them are just people that don't follow the norm of things, and like to think outside the box. But alternative medicine and 911 conspiracies have absolutely nothing in common.

Well there is also a lot of overwhelming evidence for alternative medicine so it really depends on where you get your information from. I don't know much about the other subject because it has nothing to do with my profession, but alternative medicine has been proven in many independent studies from credible sources, for hundreds of years. Just because those were not the FDA does not mean the evidence is not available.

Alex F
I must say it's pretty rare.
One of the most common tactics used by people who are full of **** to make their case, is to list something patently absurd, and then analogize it to your beliefs, such that the debate is ended rather than having a rational argument (since were the debate to shift to that realm they lose).
ie. person says "I think workers should have rights", other person who has a vested interest in hurting workers says "communists believe in workers taking away business's rights, hitler was a national socialist you're a nazi, nazi, NAZI!!!"
Or in the case of the alt med forum
One person says "I think that the industry and government are profit driven rather than caring about the people's welfare, here is my evidence" to which you say "9/11 conspiracy theorists don't think the government told the truth, so you're a kook kook KOOK!!!"
I've actually been tracking this for a while on here, and it's much more common for anti alt med people to try and associate us with truthers, then for people to actually cite it.

I got a bit fed up with this childness though, so a few weeks ago I did ask a question here saying: What would you do if you have unquestionable proof that 9/11 was set up.
(Since effectively that would mean many of the cherished beliefs you hold dear, and fight tooth and nail for are wrong).
Would you choose to ignore it to preserve your beliefs, or be open minded enough to change your ideology?
Since you claim open mindedness and a willingness to answer facts objectively (when in fact, at least in my opinion you don't), this question somewhat pushes you into a corner in terms of calarifying your position.
I polled the anti alt med people for an answer on this, and in the end I got an even better one than I thought of.
"Question reported and deleted" (because you effectively know you can't answer it; censoring is thus the only option.)

Why don't you fess up to the actual topic instead of repeating these ridiculous slanders to cover up your own shortfallings?

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