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Why do doctors no longer use penicillin?

The common bacterias that make us sick are becoming resistant to penicillin, that's why different kinds of anti-biotics are being prescribed these days. We use penicillin to kill every strep throat or sinus infection and after a few decades all that's left around to make us sick are the ones that can survive higher levels of penicillin.

The overuse of antibiotics has caused some bacteria to begin to become immune to their effects. Penicillin is one of those that is now less effective. Often they use derivatives like Bennicillin.

because they know i'm allergic

Doctors do use penicillin, but the use has declined for two reasons:

1) as noted above, many have allergies
2) due to overuse of antibiotics, especially penicillin, many bacterial strains have grown resistant to the drug.

You might find a link here:

Penicillin is still used. Sometime emperically and sometime guided by sensetivity investigation. However use has declined over the time for reasons:-
1) New drugs with wider spectrum of action available, so when emperical therapy is to be used, they opt for newer antibiotic.
2) Allergic reaction specially anaphylaxis. However other injectable antibiotic also can cause anaphylaxis.
3) Resistance to penicillin becouse of wide spread misuse even for untreatable condition.
4) Use of new antibiotic for incentive and propaganda of medical representative and drug compney.

It is still used by doctors but there are many other antiboitics out there that work much better.....each bacteria is known to be resisitant to certain types of antibiotics and non resistant to others.....penicillin is on the low end of the antibiotic chain per say....many many bacterias are resistant to it so thats why it isnt used for certain type of infections..bacterias became resistant to certain drugs from them being over used in the past...

Traci CC
A lot of people are immune to penicillin, because for a long time it was the only antibiotic avaiolable. Your body builds up an immunity to it. I, myself, am allergic to it and all of the cillin family of antibiotics.

Here ya go Penicillin has been SO WIDELY USED SOME VIRUS Bacteria etc HAS BECOME IMMUNE TO IT. Thats why if you get get sick some doctors may or may not prescribe you anything. ALSO IF PEOPLE WOULD COMPLETE ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENTS TILL MEDICATION IS GONE this may not have happened. That is why we HAVE MRSA ETC.

They still use it frequently, however if the patient is allergic to the drug then they use something else.

alot of people (like my younger sister) break out in hives so if they can use soemthing else they will

Who says they don't use penicillin?

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