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Why DON'T doctors listen & why do they just hand you PILLS??
Why do doctors just ASSUME they know what is wrong when they haven't even had enough time to HEAR what it is about?? And why do they just hand out pills to make everything better?

When you, the patient KEEP ASKING for AN ANSWER besides being DRUGGED into OBLIVION??? And after you REFUSE the medication, they call you "uncooperative". But if that QUACK would have listened to you to begin with, he would have known that you are against being medicated UNLESS absolutely necessary!!

What happened to those good old-fashioned country doctors that cared?? Isn't there any doctors that care about anything EXCEPT MAKING LOTS OF MONEY anymore??

If so, where can I find one????
Additional Details
Just to mention: I've been to ALMOST every physician who practices in the area in which I live!!!!

I get the same experience, no matter who I've gone to!!

I just WISH my old country doctor was still in practice!!!! I wouldn't mind the hour and a half drive to go to a doctor who really listens!!!!!!

This is a stereotype; it does not apply to many physicians.

Not all doctors are as bad as that; and some are even worse.
Ask around and get referrals to a good doctor.
If he is taking on more patients, go for a check-up.

Write your most important questions down, and give him the list.
They always make some notes in their files, so you have a better chance of getting some questions answered that way.

Doctors expect patients to educate themselves with obvious general public information nowadays. Contact your public health nurse, health links, etc. so you will come prepared with information, and are functioning to the best of your ability.

All the best! I know how you feel!

they guess wat they heard from the previous patient ull tell that same story....
so they hand u over pills and ask u to pay n move out....
c me soon after 15 days...

patricia g
What is wrong with you and what kind of pills are the trying to give you? So many times depression is the cause of elements that we complain about. I have muscle tension in my shoulders .. I get headaches.. I fought being put on ant-depressants for years.. then I finally went on one.. I feel better, I didnt even realize how bad I was feeling until I felt better. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. Find a Female doctor they seem to listen to their patients more.

The premise behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is to listen to the patient and treat the whole patient, not just a symptom. If you want to get away from what you so eloquently described which, unfortunately seems to be the norm of "Western Medicine" seek out a good, licensed TCM practitioner.

I did, and it is the best thing I ever did for my whole mind, body & spirit !!

Hopefully you have an HMO.. PPOs are the pits!
Change your doctor, I had a real turkey that was supposed to be homeopathic (including the spirit as well as the body) she was the biggest grump I ever met!
So being in a clinic situation I just requested through member services another doctor to be my GP and this one I got now is really good in fact I can email with him and he usually gets back to me in 24 hours! Saves a lot of time making an appointment to see about simple problems or a refill for a prescription.

:) Could have written your post.

Wasted SEVEN years of my life listening to uneducated doctors (conventional/mainstream). Yes, I said uneducated. And the sicker and sicker...I got. They diagnose off what they learned about in med school. They rarely stay 'up' on new treatments and only things that are covered by the FDA and managed care --- for legal reasons. And of course they will rarely encourage natural/herbal means...because...they are 'bound' by the managed care and FDA restrictions...and you could sue them!

The best place for you to look for doctors who will FIX THE PROBLEM instead of TREATING SYMPTOMS are:

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors
Naturopathic doctors
Visit a local herb/natural store...for references possibly....

I just started seeing a doc last week and ALREADY feel loads better....now...here's the catch with doctors that can actually give you the help you need...are you ready....they aren't covered by insurance usually....because it's 'natural' and therefore not considered 'medical' care. It varies from state to state....But if you're as desperate as I was...it doesn't matter. I paid for everything out of pocket last week and it's the best decision I ever made!!! My doc is in Houston but there are docs like him in every state. www.hotzehwc.com

GOOD LUCK AND NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!! :) Read and learn as much as you can. The best patient...is an INFORMED one!!!

P.S. My new doc (and even a traditional Chinese doc I have seen) spent AN HOUR with me...LISTENING!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! Can you believe it?? :) They do exsist!!

Well, there's lots of blame to go around. A society that wants the easy magic bullet answer has gotten exactly what it deserved over the decades.

Obese people want cholesterol and blood pressure medicines rather than lose weight and eat right.

Depressed people want the magic pill rather than changing their lives and getting away from the things that cause their inner pain.

Medicine complies. Shareholders get rich. Joe Public gets his magic pill.

Everybody is happy, few are healthy.

Summer hiker
I had a bladder infection last year, and they shoved 3 prescriptions at me, one for the infection, and two muscle relaxer/pain killer type drugs. I said: Wait a minute, what is all this for? What do I really need to take? They just assumed I would want all the other stuff for the "pain" (which really wasn't that bad). So I obviously only filled the antibiotic.
I have HAD IT with doctors. All my experience in the past 2 years has led me to believe they push drugs at you for the kickbacks. I have no other explanation, expecially after I tell them when that I don't want drugs!
And just last month, I went to a doctor for pain I've been having in my wrists, and right away, they want to put me on Naprosyn for a month. So I say I don't want to destroy my live and kidneys, could she recommend something else like acupuncture? And she looks at me like I am crazy! I'm mostly really angry because I WASTED $300+ for the visit, because I'm not going to take the drugs.
My holistic vet is SO much better with my dog! I wish he would see me as a patient.
Sorry for the rant :-)
I'm still looking for a good holistic doctor.

Doctor J
You have described the fundamental reason "alternative" healthcare providers are in such great demand. Western medicine (allopathic medicine) has become totally focused on the use of drugs to manage symptoms. Little effort is ever given to looking for and treating the CAUSE of symptoms (the 'diagnosis' is considered the 'cause', but in reality, a diagnosis is just a label unless it includes the underlying cause).

Look for a Naturopathic Physician, Chiropractor, or a medical doctor trained in Functional Medicine. These doctors focus on finding and fixing the cause of health problems. This requires extensive training and lots of hard work; not to mention active involvement of the patient in the process. You can find a list of these doctors by using Google or Yahoo to find the website for the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Best wishes and good luck.

because the more pills he can push the bigger the kickback from pharmacy,not saying all doctors are that way but there are a few out there in it for the money.

If you find one, let me know. All doctors today seem overworked and rushed. Insurance companies play a big part in this. If I go to my doctor for a regular appointment, she has 15 mins. to take care of me and get to her next patient who also has 15 mins. I belong to a HMO and that's how they seem to work. I write things down that I want to ask and talk fast.

doctors like money and that's the problem

Green eyed girl
I agree with Resis, this is very stereotypical. If your not happy with your physician, then go elsewhere until you find satisfactory results. Many Doctors are only about the money, but my husband is a DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), he does acupuncture, internal medicine, as well as pain management. He if anything mucks up the works in our office because he spends too much time with the patient simply out of concern. So they're out there, just keep looking. Also, always remember that you are in control of your body, and in charge of your health care. I'm not saying anything against Doctors, but I am saying we are allowed to VETO against them if we feel it's not in our best interest. Good Luck!

Gary John



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