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Which is worse? popping pills or smoking?
i dont do either of them.. i just want to know which one effects you more.

Mark L
the waste on your lungs from smoking is COMPLETELY eliminated a few weeks after you stopped smoking. Pills jsut kill your liver and no damage is eliminated.
pils are way worse, so smoke up.

depends on what kind of pills
their side effects
your weight
and as for smoking
depends on
how deeply you inhale
me? well I smoke a litlle to get the nicotine and get rid of the smoke pretty quick. sometimes not even an entire cigarette
just enough to stimulate my brain

theyre both equally bad for u except popping pills will give u negative effects more imediately but they arent usually long term effects but smoking causes more long term effects and less immediate effects

inhaling exhaust is the worst of the two.

does it matter you shouldent be doing either

I'm guessing smoking.

Need your lungs...right?

judging people who smoke or pop pills.

Elizabeth S
Smoking affects you the most. It affects you on the outside and inside and pills only affect you on the inside. So i would say smoking is deffff.

Amanda C

extasy. F832's up your brain bad . pot messus up ur lungs. pill= worse

The Couger
It really doesnt matter. They both kill you.

depends what your smoking and what your popping... if you popping tripple c's... that puts holes in your brain.. but if you smoke weed... its alot better for you.. and cigarettes... are to way better then becoming mentally retarded

Well both are pretty bad. Popping pills can cause severe damage to your body as well as smoking. Either way really it could eventually kill you. I had this conversation with a child I was menturing and well It was hard for her to eventually stop, but I told her how painful and slow her death would be if she popped. Just a little advice. ^^

Hello,,pills!! you never know what the combination will do,,and some of them will kill you if you drink grapefruit juice with them!!if'n you gotta get high,,just do the weed ,,mon!!

they both horrible!
stay away!

pills can kill you quicker, you take too many at one time your dead, smoking takes a while

Dylan S
I generally would believe smoking. Of course, that depends on what the pills are!


2 dogs and a little crazy
pills, i don't do them either, but I think pills is more abusive.

actually huffing is alot worse it will mess your brain up and can kill people with in thier 1st use

ew to both but i would say smoking,
unless its pot, then pills would be worse

both are pretty bad. i would say smoking though. 50% of people who smoke get some sort of lung disease and that lung disease is usually cancer. not great odds.

kd baby
depends on what your popping and what your smoking

both is bad for you. but;, right now cigarettee smoking is less harmful than popping pills because;, you can pop too many--too often pills, and can die immediately---either from adverse reaction or overdose. it takes awhile for cigarettes to kill you. there are also long term neurological effects from pills. hope this answers your question.

Liver or lungs, take your pick.


Jay T
Both are bad if u abuse them. It depends on what pills u r popping and how much u smoke. Overall I would say smoking is worse - for your health anyway.

Always D
those blue and yellow purple pills

Michelle R
smoking ciggs is the worst.
poping pills is still pretty bad.
smoking marijuana is chill though, if your going to do somthing do that. it's least addictive substance out there, impossiable to OD on, and there is no long term damage.

Street Ryda
Depends what kind of pills. Regular advil? No. Potent street drug concoction? Yes.

This question is entirely dependent on the type of pill. Smoking is worse than "popping" over the counter pills, but some of the concoction's on the street are worse than smoking, some by far. I am not sure if meth comes in a pill form, but your life expectency is 2-3 years on that drug..smoking alot of people can live over 30+ years of doing it (from the time they started) but it's still very bad though.

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